Arena Standard - Hulking Skitterbeam

21 15 0 24
Midrange Jank
  • Deck contains 1 invalid cards for this format: Reckoner Bankbuster (NEO)
Main 60 cards (15 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (15)
Creature (21)
Land (24)

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Today we have one plan in mind, to prototype Skitterbeam Battalionimage and cast Hulking Metamorphimage copying the Skitterbeam Battalionimage to get 3 hasty tramply 7/7s! We have Slobad, Iron Goblinimage to sac our other artifacts or sac the Skitterbeam Battalionimage to generate mana to cast our high cost artifact payoffs which include Cityscape Levelerimage. Time to find out if we can achieve our janky plan!

Shout out to Hanmacx for suggesting this deck!

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Last Updated: 04 Apr 2023
Created: 04 Apr 2023
102 36 0

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