Arena Standard - Fires Ever After

25 14 6 9 10
2 28 6 24
Combo Jank
  • Deck contains 1 invalid cards for this format: Fires of Invention (ELD)
Main 60 cards (20 distinct)
Planeswalker (6)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (28)
Creature (2)
Land (24)

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{{Happily Ever After}}{{Kenrith, the Returned King}}{{Fires of Invention}}


A "5-Color" deck built around winning with [[Happily Ever After]]! That's right ladies and gents we aren't looking at reducing our opponents life points to zero but to run away forever with them in this faerytale ending <3

I decided that making this into a Fires of Invention deck will make this deck function a lot better because we are normally casting spells that are rather taxing on our mana base and also very costly. I do not take credit for the idea of using the Planewide Celebration and Chance for Glory I got that idea from Noxious. But the rest of this build is my own :D

Card Choices

Happily Ever After: It's the namesake card of the deck and how we're trying to win!

Kenrith, The Returned King: A swiss army knife in this deck, he utilizes the extra mana left over from Fires of Invention very well, everything from gaining us a substantial amount of life to help put us above our starting life total for Happily Ever After, to drawing us cards when we are drawing dead for a few turns, and giving himself haste and trample to help pick off planeswalkers.

Fires of Invention: What can be said about this card that hasn't been said already? This card enables us to play two expensive spells a turn without having to worry about mana costs as long as we have that amount of lands on the field. This card is the lynchpin of this deck hands down.

Drawn from Dreams: A card that feels so good landing after you play Fires of Invention it almost feels like you're cheating. This card digs so many cards deep to find exactly what we are looking for that not including it would be a criminal offense.

Glass Casket: Decent early removal, hits Krasis, Important Knights, Risen Reef and friends. Plus it's another card type for Happily Ever After. 5/10 pretty dece

Defeaning Clarion: Used to help clear up a whole lotta little problems, and can also give our Kenrith Lifelink! A must include because without it we would likely get ran over by aggro :(

Kaya's Wrath: Even though our mana base doesn't have black we are still running this over Cast Off (Realm-Cloaked Giant) because it lands the same turn we can cast a Fire of Invention. That one turn difference could mean the difference of winning or losing. Granted it does hit our Kenrith BUT we have Tamiyo and Planewide Celebration to get 'em back.

Planewide Celebration: Another important combo piece, the 2/2 Tokens that this creates makes tokens that are EVERY color! It also gains us life, returns permanents back to our hand and proliferates (which isn't very key but sometimes help keep your planeswalkers alive or helps the activate one more time) 10/10 feels gud casting this off Fires of Invention <3

Chance for Glory: This card helps us win on the spot once our combo is assembled. We don't have to wait for our opponent to take their turn, we just take another! Then biggity BAM we win! 

Tamiyo, Collector of Tales: Helps us dig for all of our important combo pieces as well as helps retrieve them back from the graveyard if they so happen to be removed. 10/10 would recommend Wifu

T3feri, Time Dude: This guy has proven to be one of the best ways to make sure your opponent doesn't mess with what we are trying to do on our turn, given the fact that we need to land some very important pieces for this deck to work. Also he acts as a 3 mana bounce a creature/artifact/enchantment and draw a card that comes in handy. So definite recommend - Good guy t3f comes in clutch



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Last Updated: 10 Oct 2019
Created: 10 Oct 2019
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