Arena Standard - Creature Storm

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Main 60 cards (12 distinct)
Creature (36)
Land (24)

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Today we are playing a creature storm deck where we hope to play a bunch of creatures off the top of our library with Augur of Autumnimage. We are using Cemetery Prowlerimage to discount our creature spells so we can play even more off the top. We are also playing Defiler of Vigorimage so we can pay 2 life instead of paying a green pip on our creature spells, this discounts their cost and pumps up the board for each one we cast. Lastly, Silverback Elderimage also helps out a ton with the combo as it can take lands off the top cards of our library while casting creature spell. The elder can also gain us a ton of life making it hard for mono red. New cards from ONE include Evolving Adaptiveimage, Cankerbloomimage, and Armored Scrapgorgerimage.

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Last Updated: 11 Mar 2023
Created: 11 Mar 2023
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