Standard - Salty Seas (Sultai Midrange)

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Mainboard - 60 cards (21 distinct)
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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (7)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (3)

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Howdy All!

So I've been working on this decklist for about 2 days and this ended up being the deck that I came up with. It has been a ton of fun and I wanna talk about some of the card choices in it with you and even give some tips as to how to play it!

Why Black?

Black gives you access to removal options are not available in the other colors. [[Ravenous Chupacabra]] and [[Cast down]] are very good removal cards (Chupa can also be readded to your hand using find). Black also gives you access to [[Find / Finality]] (more so Finality) as a board wipe that works against most decks and [[Vraska's Contempt]] that can help deal with problem planeswalkers.

Card Choices

(For the purposes of saving time, i am not going to explain the explore package because I am positive that has been exhausted to infinity lol)


{{Growth Chamber Guardian}}

This card...haha, I cannot say enough good things about it! It thins your deck, gets bigger, and gives you additional bodies. Sinking mana into this card is most certainly not a waste. I don't know what else to say about it as the card definitely speaks for itself. 

{{Zegana, Utopian Speaker}}

This is a flex spot in the deck where you could put any other 4 drop in it's place and it would probably be fine. But, the reason I run Zegana is because it works really well with your explore package. Since they give themselves +1/+1 Counters, zegana will almost always net you a card. It is a great blocker at being a 4/4 and it also can pump itself! The trample effect of this card i have found to be less than relevant most of the time but it definitely can be used!

{{Hydroid Krasis}}

I adore this card. First off, the abilities of the card still trigger even if your opponent counters it (Learned that the hard way lol). So you can still gain life and draw cards in a pinch and not worry too much if people are going to counter it; although of course you would want it to resolve lol.

{{Vraska, Relic Seeker}}

Some people may disagree with me here and they are certainly welcome to. However, I think that this card is a really sweet planeswalker for several reasons. 

1. It protects itself by creating bodies. Those bodies are also difficult to block due to them having menace. 

2. It is on board removal / Ramp by giving you a treasure. 

3. Has a built in win condition. (I have yet to use this, but it's definitely there!)

I wouldn't put more than one of this card in your deck but I see it oftene enough so seems good to me!

Tips for playing the deck

  • Keep hands as if you were expecting to play against Mono red. 
    • If you are going first in MTGA, there is no way to be able to tell what deck your opponent is playing against. Against some decks, you can keep a slow hand and be okay. But this is not a control deck and you have to not only establish board dominance against red, but you have to do it very quickly. This tip is even more imparitve if you are going second because they get to act first and more often that not, that leads to damage immediately.
    • Llanowar elf is basically damage soak in the beginning of the game. Any damage that you aren't taking to your face is great. 
  • Do your best not to overcommit vs control decks. 
    • Wrath effects are in no shortage in the game at the moment. So don't go "Oh i have this big board of exploe cards and zegana" and get the board wiped. Then you will feel like "uh...oops?"
  • [[Ravenous Chupacabra]] is at it's best with a deck like this. 
    • We know that Chupacabra is a mainstay in Golgari decks and it is no different here. Using Find to get it back is how you can win the game against other midrange decks. 
Last Updated: 26 Jan 2019
Created: 26 Jan 2019
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