Standard - V1.2 Abzan Journey to Eternity

3 21 28
33 3 2 22
Midrange Jank
TCGPlayer $250.15
Cardmarket €111.70
Mainboard - 60 cards (19 distinct)
Creature (33)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (3)
Land (22)
Planeswalker (2)

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This deck is based around my favorite card: [[Journey to Eternity]] cool I (thought I would) be updating this regularly to make it as optimal as possible and pertinent to the meta. I tested it during the streamer event for RNA and went 16-4. Seems decent. The syngergy is based on having sac outlets and creatures that have benefits from entering the battlefield and dying, making it easy to flip and abuse [[Journey to Eternity]]. Cards like [[priest of forgotten gods]] and [[final payment]] allowing us to flip it at instant speed is incredibly flexible and harder to answer than you think (until you run into that player who's starting hand has 3 shocks, of course -_-)


V 1.2 [[Plague mare]] was bad. The deck was having a rough time against mono red and control. Added the explore package ([[jadelight ranger]], [[merfolk branchwalker]] and [[wildgrowth walker]]) to help outsize other midrange decks and have a chance against aggro by having 8 lifegain cards. This added lifegain also makes midnight reaper a more sustainable carddraw outlet. With the added explore creatures and [[llanowar elves]], [[priest of forgotten gods]] got better and I was able to lower the land count to 22. I added 2 vraska because she is able to deal with a host of important enchantments in the format and the newly popular [[hydroid krasis]]. She is also a great sac outlet to enable [[journey to eternity]]. I'm heavily considering cutting [[orzhov enforcer]] for [[pitiless pontiff]] as a better deathtouch threat, sac outlet, and something to survive sweepers, but am unsure about it's competition with [[priest of forgotten gods]] in having creatures to sacrifice. Further testing with the 2 may cause some big changes. [[plaguecrafter]] was also added as another recursive threat, sac outlet, and a way to deal with opposing planewalkers in control decks since our creatures can be more synergistic than actually powerful, making it hard to kill planeswalkers in combat.

V1.1 Had some trouble with seeing too many decks from the old meta, so the record wasn't quite as fantastic as it was during the streamer event. [[Kaya's wrath]] was added for testing and was phenomenal in almost every matchup. Great at flipping your Journey, protecting Vraska, and dealing with token decks, especially since we usually recover better from board wipes using our Journey's :p Added [[Plague mare]] was well to see if it was worth it for all the token decks and to kill [[llanowar elves]]/[[branchwalkers]] to make Priest's edict effects hit better targets. Bumped up our copies of [[midnight reaper]] to see if it helped avoid flooding and made our control matchups better. Considering what the build of the deck would look like with llanowar elves. Will test in the next Version.


V 1.0 Did some testing during the streamer event. Realized that [[Orzhov enforcer]] is waaaaay better for us than [[tithe taker]]. [[Knight of Autumn]] is an MVP and instant 4-of.

Last Updated: 23 Apr 2019
Created: 16 Jan 2019
3148 155 2

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Literally just found the page that displays comments. Thanks so much @brandonloeser! I super appreciate it. And yeah, the vicious offerings might as well be a strict upgrade over final payment, so nice catch there! Would totally recommend it (I finally say days before rotation XD)
Thanks for the sweet list! Ton of fun on arena! Would you ever consider cutting 1 enforcer and 1 chup/midnight reaper for two vicious offerings? I know you were running final payment for a while, but offerings would be easier to fire off on turn two to kill a Llanowar Elves or a runaway steamkin in matchups where you can’t afford to pay the 5 life. Also easier on mana than payment, but still fills the same role of a two mana instant speed sac outlet that may or may not generate some value.