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Building around [[Biomancer's Familiar]], this deck is intended to make extensive use of Adapting.  Additionally, it's simply fun to have multiple [[Winged Temple of Orazca]] in play at one time.

Win Conditions:

[[Pteramander]] wins in the sky, especially if it is able to adapt multiple times.

Any land can win on the ground, as [[Waker of the Wilds]] makes them large enough to generally be unkillable.

[[Simic Ascendancy]] leads to wins, most frequently with Waker of the Wilds pumping a land.

[[Biogenic Ooze]] can overwhelm opponents, but is the least common win condition.

Key Interactions:

[[Helm of the Host]] + [[Biomancer's Familiar]] + [[Waker of the Wilds]] -- One [[Biomancer's Familiar]] is great.  Twenty is better, especially when paired with a [[Waker of the Wilds]].  {G}{G} allows putting 2 tokens onto a land for each [[Waker of the Wilds]] in play.

[[Helm of the Host]] + [[Waker of the Wilds]] + [[Winged Temple of Orazca]] -- Putting [[Helm of the Host]] on a land-turned-creature yields free land each turn.  Bonus points if that land is legendary, such as [[Winged Temple of Orazca]].  Of course, by this point the game has probably already been won, but hey, it's no fun winning if you don't win big!

[[Shapers of Nature]] + [[Biomancer's Familiar]] -- One Familiar allows [[Shapers of Nature]] to add +1/+1 counters for 1{G}, or convert +1/+1 counters into cards for just a single {U}.  2 Familiars decreases the cost of +1/+1 counters to {G} each.

[[Wilderness Reclamation]] + [[Waker of the Wilds]] -- Turning land into creatures is great.  Attacking with them is nice, but being able to untap them again before the opponent can return fire is even better.


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Last Updated: 01 Jun 2019
Created: 14 Jan 2019
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