Standard - 7-0 Orzhov Antiaggro

22 26
0 34 0 26
Control Combo
TCGPlayer $263.96
Cardmarket €180.80

Mainboard - 60 cards (21 distinct)

Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (34)
Land (26)

Sideboard - 15 cards (10 distinct)


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How is this deck better?

There is almost no better answer to aggro than fountain + board wipes.

Fountain & Dawn combination is almost impossible to outvalue if you get it resolved.

Since it runs no creatures or plainswalkers opponents often end up with a lot of dead cards in hand - e.g. sleep, essence scatter, lava coil etc.



After the RNA expansion despite having a couple of upgrades to the cards the matchups got a little harder because everyone runs tech against [[Wilderness Reclamation]] which also destroys our enchantments. 

Our deck has had difficulties dealing with [[Nexus of Fate]] decks to begin with and with the introduction of [[Wilderness Reclamation]] a lot more people started playing it (rightly so).

Despite all of that the deck is still very strong and I average between 5 and 6 wins in BO1 constructed.



Updated the deck to do somewhat better in competitive constructed. It seems that bo3 is heavily dominated by control which is not exactly what this deck was built for initially. Still, dimir seems to be in our favor, izzet is somewhat even. With jeskai you have to somehow tempo them out and hope that they dont draw into too many novas until you kill them. 

Good luck


Pretty easy to play:

Wipe the board with any of the 8(!) board wipes in the early game to stay alive. 

Get the draw going with fountain + dawn as soon as you stabilize (or early on if you are lucky).

Hold up Contempt against jeskai (and izzet if op has more than 8 mana).

Don't waste duresses against control, you will need/use it when you want to resolve something yourself. It's fine to use duress against aggro early though, especially if you have plays next turn or feel like that monored is about to slam down frenzy.


This deck's biggest weakness is cleansing nova, so if you see control with white mana, dont commit more than 1 fountain and 1 dawn to the board if the situation allows it.


BO1 Constructed

BO3 Constructed


Sideboard (outdated but general directions apply):


Golagari Midrange

+Settle, +Soot, +Immortal Sun

-1x Demise, -2x Karn


Jeskai Control

Jeskai decks vary and can run different stuff like any number of 3/4 drakes, warboss, benalia, niv, ral, karn etc etc so adjust accordingly

+Arguel's Blood Fast, +Dawn of Hope, +Sorcerous Spyglass (if Teferi is the only Planeswalker you have seen and op didn't use more than 1 nova in the first game), +3x Plaguecrafter, +2x Ixalan's, +2x Eldest Reborn

-2x Fountain, -3x Demise, -1x Murder, -3x Soot, -Settle

This matchup is pretty hard, and you might have noticed that I dedicated over half of my sideboard to beat it. You can leave other suggestions in the comments and I'll be sure to read them.


Boros/White Weenie

+Settle, +Soot

-Profane Procession, -Karn


Selesnya Tokens

+Settle, +Soot, +Lyra

- Profane Procession, -2x Murder


Izzet Drakes/Phoenix

+Settle, +2x Ixalan's, +2x Lyra (vs Maximize Velocity Decks or 2nd game vs phoenix because they remove beacon bolt when they see no creatures after the 1st game and put them back in for the third if they see lyra), +1-3 Plaguecrafters

-3x Demise, -3x Soot

This matchup is also decently hard, suggestions are welcome.


Mono-Red Aggro

+Settle, +2x Ixalan's, +Soot, +2x Lyra

-2x Duress, -Arguel's Blood Fast, -Profane Procession, -2x Karn



+Arguel's Blood Fast, +Dawn of Hope, + 2x Ixalan's, +2x Eldest, +Immortal Sun, +Plaguecrafter

-3x Golden Demise, -3x Soot, -2x Karn


Monoblue Tempo

+Settle, +Soot, +Plaguecrafter, +2x Lyra (for the 2nd game only)

-2x Karn, -Profane Procession, -2x Murder (for the 2nd game only)




I started this deck by trying to play Resplendent Angel and Lyra (because i really wanted to make the angel theme work) but it simply is too weak against many matchups. In the end i ended up with 2 decks - this one and an (almost) monowhite tempo with lifegain theme. Both work better than the previous mixed version.


Last Updated: 20 Jan 2019
Created: 30 Nov 2018
24614 94 6

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0 6 5 4 0
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I'm glad you guys like it. (at least most of you :D )
Right now I have added an ixalan's binding temporarily instead of "Invoke the Divine" because it's purpose was to deal with frenzy and an occasional op's ixalans binding (and it wasn't doing a very good job)
When Allegiance hits, I'm going to replace both murder and ixalan's with 2 "Mortify" which should solve the problem.
I'd also like to hear your feedback on how the deck performs against any other archetype in your matches!
I'm enjoying this deck a lot.
Its a good deck, no doubt. But it is so boring to play against.

Its more fun to meet the red aggro deck 10 times in a row than meeting this deck 1 time -_-
Fragile if dawn of hope isn't in your first 20 cards, but it's still cool, can't wait to see how allegiance could improve it. I like also how you've put a caomplete sideboard plan in the description.
I'm glad you like it. :)
this! deck! is! so! much! fun!
I played a lot of angle factory style decks and never was very successfull with it couse heavy control destroyed me and hardcore aggro destroyed me too but i hat a lot of fun with it. This deck however destroyes aggro + Profane Procession wipes away ever dragon/Phoenix blue/red deck couse they never play more than 1 creature per turn and u can just eat them all. I currently had one 7/2 run with it plus im 3/0 into the next one! I had sooo much fun games! Thank You!