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Deck Background and Explanation

Mono Blue has been a deck of extreme fluctuation. This fluctuation has been on the side of play style, deck composition, and draw importance. This deck functions strictly off 3 hands (4 if desperate) at the beginnings decision to mulligan. You WILL MULLIGAN if you do not have any of these combinations of cards in your starting hand:

  • A Curious Obsession (and a 1-2 mana creature drop)
  • A Tempest Djinn (2-4 lands in the starting hand)
  • A Chart of Course AND A 1 Mana Creature Drop
  • (Desperate Option) 2 Chart of Course AND A 2 Mana Creature Drop

This is one of the only decks in the game that can in fact win with a 5 card hand, so don’t be afraid to mulligan. If you don’t have any of those combinations at the start, you will most likely lose anyways, always remember this is a mono color deck so you are able to survive without 1 of the 3 screws (Too little mana, Too much mana, wrong type of mana).

When it comes to deck strategies, there really is only one way to play this deck. You may deviate from that strategy at times based on cards you have available at your disposal, but you shouldn’t do this all the time. What people don’t realize about this deck is that you aren’t supposed to crush your opponent with speed. So many times have I seen players drop their tempest djinn on turn 3 with no regards to protecting it. The name of the game is protection, this is not a creature deck, this is a protection deck. Despite the large amount of creatures in this deck, you will have 1 drawer with curious obsession 1-2 damagers and these are tempest djinns in the late game. The other creatures are tech/chump blockers. Mage is for tempo and blocking, trickster is to tap creatures to keep you from dying, or tap creatures to make sure your creature go through unblocked. Stormtamer is pretty much a protection card or something to put curious obsession on if you don’t have another choice. Sprite has it’s uses, but it’s more of a last ditch card, a card to summon and use when you have no other choice. The rest of this deck exists to protect your tempo creatures on the board leading to your win. An ideal game would be to start out with a Herald, then turn 2 drop a curious obsession and hold a dive down or spell pierce to protect. If you do not have one, you must FAKE one, don’t drop another 1 drop creature to use your mana efficiently, 7/10 your opponent will try and kill the herald anyways, but you had to try. However if you have plays to protect the herald on turn 3, you may just drop a trickster on turn 2 and then do the obsession turn 3 when your able. It all depends on what you have at that time. But keep in mind when I was explaining above, I wasn’t having you drop creatures over and over again like a typical aggro deck. After that critical turn 3, it’s all about protecting what you have on board if any of them have obsession. If they don’t have obsession consider dropping tempest djinn, but only if you have protection for it such as dive down or spell pierce. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF TAKING DAMAGE. Since you will be attacking with your creature most turns, you will taking damage most turns with no defenders, this is fine. This deck is a tempo deck which is half aggro half control. Your control is early game and control takes damage when they can, and the aggro is late game when you have chump blockers available and big attackers with djinn in the late game.

Each card holds an individual importance to the strategy of this deck and I will explain them all one by one rather than explain them in one large section. I’ll try and explain reasons for switching said card if you choose to do so.

Individual Cards and Importance: Mainboard

{{Exclusion Mage}}

Exclusion Mage x2:

This card can be clutch at times. A lot of games you can get swamped on board or have problematic blockers to keep you from attacking. This is a good card cause it serves multiple purposes. The first being to send that annoying steamkin, steel leaf, drake back to the hand giving you more time for your tempo with a blocker on your side, while also counting as a wizard towards your wizards retort. This card can also be used late game a few ways as well. Such as in coordination with bouncing a creature to a hand, you can then counter it with wizard retort or essence scatter.

{{Merfolk Trickster}}

Merfolk Trickster x4:

Trickster is an interesting card. One thing that most people do not realize is that all abilities are removed as well as cannot be activated. So for instance a card such as Adanto Vanguard will be in the attacking step, you can summon trickster and regardless of them activating indestructible, the indestructible and the +2 power are both removed, meaning that trickster will be battling a 1/1. It can also be used to stop effects that may be used during the turn (keep in mind they may activate it as you target, so don’t always do that if you don’t have to). Also remember that flying is an ability so if you target a flier, your ground creatures such as trickster and mage are able to block, also remember that both drake cards gain their power using an ability, so removing the ability makes them 0/4. Trickster can be a good finisher or just a good card to keep your tempo, especially if you’ve used curious obsession on stormtamer and your opponent has a flying blocker.

{{Mist-Cloaked Herald}}

Mist-Cloaked Herald x4:

Herald is mainly a turn 1 drop, if you have 2 at any point it’s basically a backup or just a card to keep in the hand to make your opponent believe you have a counter. You obviously use herald here for it’s unblockable skill, and really nothing else. It’s damage is almost pointless, so don’t think you’re going to win directly off that. However keep in mind that you could win with herald+obsession and maybe a trickster attacking each turn.

{{Nightveil Sprite}}

Nightveil Sprite x2:

Sprite is a backup card, you would only use this card is you do not have a herald on board. Whether it’s because you didn’t draw one, or it got killed on turn 2 by your opponent. But this card shouldn’t be played if you have a herald with obsession already on board. It’s good for obvious reasons, these reasons being that it flies and you are able to pick the next card on top of the deck. Sometimes this is extremely helpful, but if you already have herald with obsession on the board, it’s much more beneficial to keep a dive down, spell pierce, or both ready to protect the herald. This card is replaceable by Warkite Marauder, the reasons will be explained in the sideboard section.

{{Siren Stormtamer}}

Siren Stormtamer x4:

Stormtamer is very good, it’s incredibly versatile. If you don’t have a herald on turn one, but have an obsession in hand, you can replace the herald and use the stormtamer as your draw creature and forget about the protection ability. If it’s not that case, stormtamer is a good protection card on top of dive down, spell pierce, and wizard retort. Being a wizard it also makes retort cheaper, and it’s a very good chump blocker late game if you have victory next turn using Djinn.

{{Tempest Djinn}}

Tempest Djinn x4:

Tempest Djinn is your closer, you don’t necessarily have to use it, but it makes the game a lot easier. However, it’s not something you drop if you have something with curious obsession on board, also you do not drop it without any sort of protection spell. So dropping on turn 3 is an absolute no-no. Remember that this deck is tempo based, you can win with only your small creatures if you protect them ever turn. So if you have a creature with curious obsession and you have the choice to drop tempest Djinn and no protection or don’t drop Djinn and hold for any counter, you hold for the counter. However if the decision is to drop the Djinn and you have 1 mana to spare for a spell pierce, dive down, or Stormtamer, that is a risk you can take if you wish. But preferably i’d rather have double protection for my obsession creature than a big body with only a tiny bit of protection.

{{Chart a Course}}

Chart a Course x3:

Chart a course is a last ditch effort card. You do not use chart a course if you have protection available or even if chart allows to you still use 1 protection card instead of 2. Chart allows you to come back into a game when you are desperate, or plainly just have too much land. Remember the focus of this deck is protection based, and you would never jeopardize your creature with curious obsession if you are available to protect it twice. The reason why I put so much emphasis on double protection is because if your opponent end of turn uses let's say vraska’s contempt on your creature and you use dive down, now your creature has no protection when his turn starts. However if you didn’t use chart of course and you had dive down and some sort of other protection for the next turn, you could still be drawing cards and dealing constant damage and most importantly keeping your opponent on their toes.

{{Curious Obsession}}

Curious Obsession x4:

Curious obsession is this decks win condition. Everything in this deck revolves around this card. If you start with this card and have a 1 drop creature, you will have the makings for a very good game. It’s all about protection from this point, your opponent has to outplay your drawing abilities while keeping constant damage to even stay in the game. Magic is a game all about numbers and advantages, and the reason why control decks are so good is because if your outdrawing your opponent and not dead yet, you have the ability to come back much easier in the later game. This card provides you everything you need for the late game, so all you have to do, is keep the creature with it alive to get to the late game. Remember that all other creatures and chart of course are optional if you have this on the board, this is your bread and butter and do not get greedy. Always make sure you have double protection. An example would be turn 4, if you have 4 lands and let's say you have two of these three a spell pierce, dive down, or wizard retort and another curious obsession, you do not drop the obsession, you must keep your creature alive the following turn, regardless if they do attempt to kill your creature or not. This is because turn 5 you are able to dop obsession and have double protection with 4 mana much easier as many many cards in your deck require double mana.

{{Dive Down}}

Dive Down x3:

Dive down is very simple and to the point. It’s one of the protection cards you need in order to keep your creatures alive. But also keep in mind whether what kind of deck your playing against. This is because if your opponent is play let’s say black as part of the deck and you have both dive down and spell pierce, and he uses vraska’s contempt end of your turn, you have the decision to make about dive down or spell pierce. Believe it or not, there is a right decision and that decision is dive down because of the threat of ritual of soot. If you used spell pierce and then he main phases ritual of soot, you are toast, if you do it the other way around, you are solid. However keep in mind that in order for this scenario to even be possible, you needed to hold up 2 protection spells to begin with. Remember that white also has the same situation, except instead of vraska it’s a seal away, and instead of ritual of soot it’s cleansing nova.

{{Essence Scatter}}

Essence Scatter x3:

Essence scatter is one of our tempo cards. When I say to hold up 2 protection cards, protecting your life total is technically a choice. You can combo this with exclusion mage, or just sniff out a summon. When I say sniff out a summon, I mean a scenario where your opponent is setting up for a big creature and you can stop it. For instance your opponent is play a weenie deck and has achieve ~5 creatures on board, you can sniff out a benalish marshall or maybe even a venerated loxon. Another scenario is that you are playing against an izzet deck and your opponent has spent the first 3 turns using burn cards, opts, or radical ideas, you know an enigma/crackling drake is coming very soon.

{{Spell Pierce}}

Spell Pierce x4:

This is the card you love to hate. Early game and even mid game this card is one of those cards that can make or break a game for 1 single mana. When I say make or break, I mean stop a lightning strike that’s targeting your curious obsession creature on turn 2, or maybe there’s a lava coil that’s targeting your tempest djinn. Another killer stop is when you are able to stop game breakers like ritual of soot or cleansing nova. But most importantly, it’s extremely cheap and versatile

{{Wizard's Retort}}

Wizard’s Retort x4:

Wizard’s retort is another one of those counter cards I had mentioned earlier. This card synergizes well with our Exclusion Mage, Merfolk Trickster, and Siren Stormtamer. If you played Stormtamer turn 1 with obsession you get the lower cost benefit very early, if you played trickster in order to threaten damage after turn 2 you get the benefit, however a lot of the time it costs 3 mana. This is the reason why if you are holding 3 counters and 2 of them are 1 mana counters, you do not play a curious obsession early. The 2 counter point is extremely important, and wizard’s retort is the last counter you use if able. Always use your dive downs and spell pierce’s first, because wizards retort counters anything with no downside such as being only protecting 1 creature like dive down, or protecting only when your opponent taps out like spell pierce. But unlike both of those, this can counter creatures too. Also wizard’s retort can straight up win you games if you are holding lets say a trickster and your opponent has 1 flier to block your tempest djinn stopping you from winning. You can counter anything of your choosing, allowing for you to end up with that victory last minute with your fliers/unblockables.


Island x19:

19 islands, what can I say about these. Well, the deck is mono blue, so you don’t have to worry about paying for shocklands vs mono red, or you don’t have to worry about having basic lands on the board so your duel land does enter the field untapped. The only other choice of lands to be honest are special lands that are blue, but most of them are pointless or enter tapped, which would leave you at a very distinct disadvantage since every single turns mana is generally used. The decision to go with 19 was not my own, it was made by players using the decks in tournaments very well. It’s hard to argue with players who use the deck for a living, so if they decide that 19 is the golden number for a deck with so many 1-2 mana drops, then 19 is the right number. Keep in mind, that if you decide to go with different cards from my maybe board, you may want to increase the number of lands accordingly.

Individual Cards and Importance: Maybeboard (Cards to swap with based on your collection and play style)

{{Nightveil Sprite}}

Nightveil Sprite 0-2:

Unless for some reason you don’t like Exclusion Mage, you would not run more copies of this card. As I mentioned earlier, this card is mainly a backup to if your herald/stormtamer die on turn 1. I do understand however if you decide to run 1 copy of this over 1 copy of Exclusion mage due to mages expensive 3 mana cost.

{{Warkite Marauder}}

Warkite Marauder 0-4:

This is the card that would 1 for 1 replace Nightveil Sprite. It helps you win more games, especially if your opponent is running a pesky flier/reach creature. The only downside is that this card has 1 toughness, so if you are playing against mono red (which is your worst matchup, and you’d probably lose anyways) a chainwhirler will kill this card upon entry. The 2 toughness however can lead to an earlier victory.

{{Dive Down}}

Dive Down 0-1:

This is mainly your preference, you can swap 1 spell pierce with 1 dive down if you believe you are playing against more decks that seems to get a lot of mana, not allowing you to use pierce due to the cancelation effect that requires 2 mana.

{{Metamorphic Alteration}}

Metamorphic Alteration 0-2:

This could be a possible replacement to 1 chart of course and 1 essence scatter. It allows you to turn another creature into another creature on board. It works both ways, you can turn one of your creatures into a tempest djinn, or you can turn one of their creatures such as a drake or maybe a phoenix into a herald. Or just stopping your opponent's creature that may be threatening lethal.


Opt 0-4:

Instead of a chart, an essence scatter, or two spell pierces you can go opt if you think that you need either mana fixing or to draw the right card. However I recommend against it, opt really slows down your game, and every turn counts with mono blue.


Sleep 0-3:

This card single handidly will require you to increase your lands to at least 20, but highly recommended to run 21-22. This card is a good closer if you are running the build without warkite. Warkite usually allows you to attack unblocked anyways, however sleep allows you to attack with your mage and trickster too. There’s also the benefit of being able to attack again, just remember that if you are playing against control, this card is beyond useless.

{{Unexplained Disappearance}}

Unexplained Disappearance 0-2:

This is a 1 for 1 swap of Exclusion. It’s a personal preference if you decide that tempo is not as much your game, and you’d like to play more aggro. I can’t guarantee that will give you more victories though.


Island 0-3:

Just look at how many of the higher mana drops you have to determine how many lands you’d like to run. Keep in mind, if you add even 2 sleeps, I would recommend going up to 22 lands, this being because you probably will not reach 4 lands for a while if you run 19.

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