Standard - Arclight Abuse (updated 3/4/19)

7 52
15 27 0 18

Mainboard - 60 cards (15 distinct)

Creature (15)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (27)
Land (18)

Sideboard - 15 cards (4 distinct)


Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
(Simplified, true algorithm in MTGA not revealed by Wizards yet)

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11/7/18- Reverted to UR - Added enigma drakes. Riles. Removed sword point. Reverted name to Arclight Abuse, because punisher cards have been removed. Deck name should be clear as to what game plan is.


11/3/18 - EVENING: Modified deck list to include Sword Point Diplomacy. Deck name has been renamed appropriately to reflect the inclusion of Sword Point Diplomacy. ARCLIGHT//PUNISHER.

Current list allows cards commonly used in the “punisher” variants of Raldos Burn for Phoenix activation. Variance concerns due to Removal of steam-kin and frenzy are addressed with additional card draw and direct damage   Current version has increased consistency in all but the Mono-R match-up (pre-sideboard).

 Video and detailed description to come. The core gameplay doesn't change too much if you've been following this build.


11/3: Additional changes to sideboard. Mainboard modified to dual color again.

11/2: -Modified list to include all mountains for consistency. Added Sarkhan and removed Jaya. Removed firemind's research. Modified land count.

 11/01: We’ve added more creatures to increase our one (1) mana cantrips by way of [[Rile]], which can only be activated IF you have a creature on-board.  [[Jaya Ballard]] tops our curve at five (5) mana- we are aiming to cheat her out early with steam-kin.  Since games against R or B often involve waiting past turn (2) two in order to safely drop steam, the addition of a midrange synergy works in the current meta (for MTGA at least). Since the deck now has an increased creature count from the 10/30 build,[[Precognition Field]] again loses to [[Experimental Frenzy]] for the slot. [[Firemind’s Research]] has been added to compensate for the reduction in our burn spells (Lightning Bolt was removed to allow Rile synergy], and [[Risk Factor]] was dropped due to the high mana cost for its slot (Risk Factor is typically played on opponent's turn too, which would not trigger our phoenix). Noted also that [[Expansion/Explosion]] has been added, which provides synergy through card draw and also counter spell prevention. Many may not realize, but the downside of cards like [[Tormenting Voice]] is not duplicated with expansion- i.e. if one were to cast expansion on tormenting voice, the result would be (4) cards drawn, but only (1) one card discarded.

Update.  10/30/18 Precognition field. HOW WAS THIS CARD MISSED??  This card increases consistency in a huge way.  

*Note- if playing MTGA Bo1, you may want to decrease the land count to 16 or 17*

*Important-before crafting this and playing, please watch the 10.18.18 video linked below. This deck is a combo deck and must be played like one. Treat the video as a gameplay tutorial*

This deck is designed to completely abuse the recursion effect of [[Arclight Phoenix]]. Further, the already insane potential of both [[Experimental Frenzy]] and [[Runaway Steam-Kiln]] has been turned up to eleven. These cards are busted. This is not an auto-pilot deck, you will likely have numerous plays available every turn due to the very low average converted mana cost. Consider the order and turns on which you cast spells VERY carefully. One wrong play can domino effect your whole game. 

Mono-Red is really the ONLY way to build this deck. Its faster, more fun, and more consistent than the now-common Izzet variations similar to the one in the last video link below.

I would not recommend this as a first-deck for new players. It plays more like combo than aggro. Every turn is EXTREMELY technical in card ordering and choice. However, when mastered, it is very satisfying and extremely consistent. Turn-by-turn math calculations are very similar to those required in the RB Hollow One lists you may have come across in Modern.

Please enjoy this combo while it lasts. I expect to see at least one of these three cards on the next restricted/banned list. 




VIDEO- October 18, 2018 11:29 PM EST: Footage from tonight showing the start of a competive constructed run. Had to stop early, as it is getting late. Game 1 is a RDW that we crush, game 2 is a BW Vampire that we crush, and game 3 is a counterspell heavy mono-u flyer deck. Game 3 is an excellent showcase of how to hold cards until combo is ready, or how to use Arclight Phoenix to bait out counterspells:

CLICK THIS TEXT FOR A LINK of October 18, 2018 gameplay footage


VIDEO-  Footage from earlier Izzet build. While the list no longer includes islands, this turn 4 kill is very entertaining. Don't run the list in this build from last week. That said, skip to 9:00 minutes for the good stuff:

October 12, 2018 footage (early Izzet build)





About CaptainJamoke

 Full-time attorney, less than part-time Twitch streamer. You may have seen me featured on some Youtube MTGA compilation videos  (Vid1 Vid 2 Vid3), or remember my Arclight Abuse Deck. If you played Gwent, you may remember my decks and videos from about a year back.  I've been playing Magic the Gathering Arena since April of last year, and I used to play in paper tournmants back when broodstar affinity was a popular deck during the Mirrodin block.

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2019
Created: 12 Oct 2018
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You don't! Good catch, the list should have the dual lands. I'll edit accordingly. Thanks for the good looks Kaltz!
How do you cast Firemind's Research with thi manabase?
Fun deck, I ran 19 lands cause I felt like I needed to...
Also experimenting with flame of keld and not playing the goblins for a few more spells. Either way the decks def worth playing with (:
Tried it, 18 lands is not enough IMO.