Standard - Boros Angels v3.3

41 14
22 13 1 25
Aggro Midrange

Mainboard - 61 cards (17 distinct)

Creature (22)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (13)
Land (25)
Planeswalker (1)

Sideboard - 15 cards (7 distinct)


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Boros Angels v3.3 for Bo1 and Bo3 Formats

A variation of the well known Boros Angels tournament list, this deck is more tuned to take the fight to the current Arena Meta of Gulgari Midrange, Mono Blue Aggro, Mono Red Aggro, Boros Aggro, Izzet Burn, and Jeskai Control that you constantly see in the queues.

Many of you have seen the Boros Angels list with Adanto Vanguard as the other big card.  I feel this card was a liability in the 100 matches I played with it. I wanted someting that forced monored to expend resources, and would give me something to help grind a little more.

Dire Fleet Daredevil I feel is a resident sleeper card in the meta because a lot of people avoid 1 toughness creatures because of Goblin Chainwhirler being a rampant card in the ever popular Monored Aggro that you will see in a quarter to half of your matches dependingo on the time of day.  The ability to snatch burn, draw, and kill dependingo n your matchup is what I've loved for the card.  Against Izzet drakes in particular you slow their damage curve by exiling an instant/sorcery and either get card draw or burning out a creature

The rest of the deck is a more standard Boros Angels list, you're out to aggressively trade unti your anels can carry.

The side board is up for alot of flexibility.  With control being a thing, Spyglass is the other main punisher being ale to stop Teferi and Ral can be a big deal and the only way to overcome the Jeskai Control lists.   The rest of the sideboard adjust base on personal tastes, other good cards for the deck can be Justice Strike, Cleansing Nova for blasting Enchants or being a ittle more controlling, risk factor for additional card draw.  Karn is also an acceptable side-board card bringing him in with the spyglasses.

Last Updated: 10 Oct 2018
Created: 10 Oct 2018
239 0 0

Mana Curve
Color Breakdown
Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
0 11 19 16 0
0 8 4 3 0
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