Arena Standard - No Rare Izzet Control

40 20
3 30 3 24
TCGPlayer $23
Cardmarket €12
Cardhoarder 2 Tix
Main 60 cards (16 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (30)
Planeswalker (3)
Creature (3)
Land (24)
Side 15 cards (6 distinct)

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Missing Rare cards:8

Izzet a good deck, ooooh yes! Izzet Control with NO RARES is todays budget Theros Beyond Death Deck Guide and Gameplay vid today! Get ready for spamination as we use Saheeli and Improbable Alliance to cover the field in tokens and counter and draw everything inbetween! There are som egreat cards in Theros Beyond Death and they're not all rares which is great when a new set comes out and you don't have to waste wildcards! Enjoy the video and i'll see you in the comments!


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Awesome deck! Could you pls recommend upgrade, such as add rares and more expensive uncommons?
@Dinijo hey bud, do you mean what rares could go in?
@Mika_Zaki13 Hey bud, i did test it but for me it just never stayed on the field enough to warrent it, now i know that can be said about creature, maybe it was just unlucky in testing . I do think it would deserve another shot in the deck though!
I've been trying to find a Izzet Control for a long time, what update version of this list would you recommend?
Why not play Mischievous Chimera? It burns your opponent and the scry will help you with drawing the card that you want.
Last Updated: 21 Jan 2020
Created: 21 Jan 2020
2145 393 5

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