Arena Standard - Dimir Devotion V1.0

36 22
36 0 0 24
Midrange Jank
Main 60 cards (18 distinct)
Creature (36)
Land (24)
Side 15 cards (9 distinct)

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I dreamed of a deck where you could get as many atris triggers as possible, since it's one of the most fun interactions I've gotten to play with on Magic as of late. And this is that deck. Thass is powerful, and I wanted to try a deck that could actually hope to have her active as a creature sometimes as well and avoid the painlands that are required for the 3 color versions of her decks.


The deck struggles against aggressive decks with reach like mono red that runs [[slaying fires]] and [[skewer the critics]], and unless you're on the play you'll struggle beating a [[rotting regisuar]] with an [[embercleave]] on turn 4 (but what deck doesn't lose to that nut-draw anyway), but it's surprisingly resilient deck with unbelievable staying power and interaction for being just a gaggle of creatures with ETB triggers.

Removal is kinda tight for ETB creatures, so we ended up running [[plaguecrafter]]s since they pair well with our utility 2-drops, fit our curve, and are hilarious to blink with thassa against more midrange-style opponents. I had to add some extra tap-lands to be able to play both cavaliers, since [[cavalier of gales]] is quite good and can close games from the air while drawing cards, but the lifegain and interaction from [[cavalier of night]] is just waaay to important to pass up. I added 2 copies of [[murderous Rider]] for curve considerations and helps when our plaguecrafters aren't enough to take out opposing planeswalkers.


Thassa isn't a creature as often as you'd like, but, just as in every other deck she's in, she still puts in WORK. Blinkning any of your creatures except the 2 murderous riders feels soooo dirty. I've stolen all 4 [[witch's oven]]s from jund food decks before by blinking the [[Agent of Treachery]]s.

[[Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths]] is the quiet heart and soul of deck, since almost every game you either flood out and he gets you 2 good cards, or you just barely hit your 4th land drop and he bails you out. He's also good at attacking planeswalkers and can sneak in damage to finish the job against opponents with painful manabases.

[[Alirios, Enraptured]] makes most aggro decks embarrased to be alive, and he's a one man-army against control decks if you have a Thassa out.

[[Thassa's Oracle]] is surpisingly good, making it possible to make Thassa a creature, and frequently digging 3-7 cards deep to help you never lose gas in the last game. It's surprisingly good.

I threw in 1 spicy gravedigger probably for greed, but it seems to be the perfect number and has won me a surprising number of games lol.



The deck would love some easier ways to gain life and better answers to plainswalkers, but it's sooo fun and pretty good to boot. I almost won a BO3 where I mulled to 5 twice and to 4 once, and only lost to eggregious topdecks by my opponent. Atris always got me back into them XD

I haven't tried it much in BO3 so makes changes to the sideboard, but it was doing well before Crokey's elemental deck became 50% of the meta lmao.


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Last Updated: 19 Jan 2020
Created: 19 Jan 2020
2330 215 0

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