Standard - Setessan Abzan (Updated)

22 13 13
12 17 7 24
Main 60 cards (20 distinct)
Creature (12)
Planeswalker (7)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (17)
Land (24)
Side 15 cards (6 distinct)

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4th iteration:


The goal of this deck is to play a midrange game, outvaluing your opponents. [[Alseid of Life's Bounty]] is our 1 drop of choice who will

provide protection for our value creatures [[Aphemia, the Cacophony]] and our namesake [[Setessan Champion]]. Alseid does a great

job of protecting and can even be sac'd to give a Champion protection to swing for lethal in some cases. Aphemia does a great job of

providing incedental value as well as being an evasive threat, paired with cards like [[the binding of the titans]] and

[[tymaret calls the dead]] aphemia will have to be answered shortly. Binding fills our grave as well as our opponents early on which is

great synergy with our tymaret as well as aphemia. It's second saga can help us stabilize whatever life we may have lost shocking our

lands in, and if our value creatures bite the dust by the 3rd saga we can get them back! A great card. Tymaret is an auto include in this

deck, it fills our grave and nearly always gives us a zombie, helps us stabilize on the 3rd saga as well as helps us find our answers or

pieces we need. [[Calix, Destiny's hand]] is definitely an underappreciated card, in this deck he shines. With 24 enchantments Calix is not

going to whiff easily, I will say his ultimate is not something you're aiming to use often, honestly his +1 is what we're looking for here.

 [[Banishing Light]] is here to be a catch all light removal spell that can be found with calix and triggers our

champion, I decided I would rather have this over something like [[mire's grasp]] because it's just too efficient at dealing with all the

threats we're going to see game 1. I have been afraid that it's too mana heavy in the 3 drop spot of this deck, and it not going to the 

yard after removing something, which is problematic for making zombies but it's better than losing because the opponent played one

threat we couldn't answer with grasp.  Lastly [[Elspeth conquers death]] is here to exile the opponents best threat as well as bring back

ours, a great card. I will note that this card has and [[Garruk, cursed huntsman]] is very good because once he's resurrected with elspeth

he can ult immediately, that's nothing to scoff at. [[Elspeth, sun's nemesis]] will be able to act as a [[history of benalia]] each turn that

can come back quite easily exiling the excess lands we have in our graveyard.


[[Destiny Spinner]] is here to help us out against control matchups, making nearly every card in this deck uncounterable as well a

providing bodies, can be picked up by Calix. This card hasn't performed as well as you would think. Most of the time it's getting killed or 

bounced by borrowers or teferi's and then countered the next turn after, etc.

[[pharika's libation]] i'm anticapating this card might be necessary to deal with a pesky [[dream trawler]] it will also be useful upgrading

our removal post sideboard.

[[shatter the sky]] if they're playing threats we can't answer properly, this will come in. While it will feel bad if they draw a card, it will

feel worse losing the game.

[[devout decree]] great against monoblack, jund. 

[[noxious grasp]] great against teferi's, nissas, etc. 

[[duress]] this is just to help us out against control, it turns out destiny spinner is good but not great.

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@Knightmare I don't know about Regisaur in this deck, Including it would clog up the 3-drop slot even more than it already is, and the cut is likely going to be 4x of an enchantment which causes Calix to under perform. I do enjoy the synergy but i'm not quite sure that's the direction the deck would want to go.
@soundofmadness So, you could always play Liliana, Dreadhorde General as the top end of the deck if you wanted if that's what you're finding as the case. I could see in the current meta getting to a Garruk probably is going to be rough because you'll likely be dead by an embercleave by then.
Really enjoying this deck. The only card that seems to be under performing for me is Garruk, strangely enough. It seems that in most of the matchups he's either too slow to be much help or a win-more by the time I find him. I've yet to be able to combine Garruk and Conquer's Death, and I'm not really sure what else I would replace him with at this point. Anywho, thanks for the deck!
Is a very fun deck. I would suggest for Rotting Regisaur too. Cuz is a Zombie goes well with tymaret call of the dead. And when 2nd to 4rd turn when u get garruk depend on situation u can discard it to graveyard and call it back with elspeth conquer the death. Cuz sometime my starting hand stuck with garruk haha and lose the game. i think rotting is a good idea.
Have you ever think abt Rotting goes with Great Henge? So when zombie token come out get counter +1 and u can draw a card.
@Mr_Wes Glad to hear you're enjoying it.
@samuelDuDimanche With the prevalence of Mono Red in the meta I would suggest bringing in 4x Lovestruck Beast or Birth of Meletis to help slow them down. Unfortunately this deck will take a while to get going.
Great deck! Very unique and fun.
Like the deck when it goes off, but got whooped several times in a row by mono red. Not resilient enough against fast aggro deck I'm afraid.
@Karandraz, That's awesome! It sounds like it's performing for you the way I would have imagined it to. Thanks for your take on Garruk there, I've been thinking he's a great option.
Hi, I've tested the Deck with Garruk and at the moment I am at 7 - 0. He's a beast in 4 out of those games he removed something got killed came back with Elspeth Conquers death, I used his ultimate and went in to close the game with 3-5 Zombies.
The Deck kinda starts slow and in the mid game its often a fight for survival especially against aggro decks. But at a certain point you got Elspeth, Suns Nemesis in your graveyard. Cycle her a few times and win. I love this deck so far!
Last Updated: 07 Feb 2020
Created: 16 Jan 2020
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