Arena Standard - Golgari Aggro 1.2

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V1.2: Some small changes. I removed [[Vivien, arkbow ranger]]s since it was just too hard on the manabase and with the reductuion in food decks adding trample to the [[rotting regisaur]] just wasn't as important. This allowed me to try out swapping the [[temple of malady]]s for [[fabled passage]]s to try to minimize the amount of taplands in the deck when you need to topdeck that last land for the [[questing beast]] you've been holding or whatever. The 2 viviens were changed into an extra [[murderous rider]] since it's extremely helpful in removing their one big blocker or problematic planeswalker. And I added another [[questing beast, since it's questing beast]]. The new theros set seems like it's adding a few awesome additions to the deck, so we may be able to keep this deck relevant in the new meta. We'll see =)


V1.1: Removed [[Gutterbones]] for the full 4 copies of [[Pelt Collector]] and [[Knight of the Ebon Legion]]. They are too valuable aggressively and can trade off well to fuel the charnel troll, while the recursion of the [[gutterbones]] to maintain parity with the [[rotting regisaur]]s wasn't too necessary anyway since you usually just dump your hand by that point. Also removed 2 [[Temple of Malady]] to see if the manabase would hold up while having fewer taplands. Also Also removed the 3 copies of [[lovestruck beast]] for 3 [[murderous rider]]s since there only being the 1/1'a they made for themselves wasn't enough and some light interaction usually ends up being very useful to push through your final attack for lethal.


Gameplay of the Deck in action

I put this deck together on a whim to see if there was a way to push the amount of enablers for [[the Great Henge]] while sticking to a more consistence manabase so you can actually play your cards (I tried sultai to do stuff with [[Vantress Gargoyle]] and it was just a nightmare lol).
The deck turned out to be far more effective than I had anticipated it being. I'm currently 12-1 in BO1 against a wide variety of matchups (jeskai fires, jund food, mono green, gruul agggro, golgari adventures, Simic Flash, grixis control, jeskai control, mono red I think are what I played against), so I wanted to share it with you guys in case someone else could benefit from it and also to get feedback to tweak what I'm sure is some very sub-optimal deckbuilding choices of mine ;)


Here's my thoughts about the deck so far:
1 [[Pelt Collector]] can get MASSIVE since just about every creature in the deck can grow it, sometimes up to like +7/7 depending on how many [[charnel troll]]s and [[Rotting Regisaur]]s you have to trade off. 2 All your 2 drops allow you to hold up your [[Knight of the Ebon Legion]] activation in case of a stomp or something, but they all have 3 power so you can still get the counter on the knight without having to activate in the face of open mana
3 [[Rotting Regisaur]], [[Lovestruck Beast]], and [[Charnel Troll]] can let you get henge down super easily
4 Vivien allows all your Fatties to close the game super quickly against jund food decks and other ones like it where there would ordinarily be a lot of chump blockers
5 Most of the removal being played right now (except [[murderous Rider]]) is damaged based ([[deafening clarion]], [[slaying fire]], [[mayhem devil]], etc.) Which puts your fatties in a pretty effective position, except for the occasional game against UW control and other nonsesne.
6 [[Gutterbones]] often works nicely with regisaur to allow you to find your 4th land drop when you're waiting on a vivien in your hand.
7 Surprisingly, the combination of [[Rotting Regisaur discarding]] creatures and one [[glowspore shaman]] is usually enough to fuel any [[Charnel Troll]]s you need to play
8 The manabase probably needs work

I would love to hear you guys' thoughts! =)

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This was made more for BO1 grinding at this point, but I'll see if I can add one as I continue testing the deck. Already made a few more changes that could adjust things like that. Also... Dat Username @fatcunt XD
sideboard please
Last Updated: 02 Jan 2020
Created: 24 Dec 2019
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