Brawl - Rienne's Multicolor Mayhem

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Rienne's Multicolor Mayhem

Today's deck comes courtesy of WotC releasing [[Rhys the Redeemed]] for Arena's extremely greedy cash-grab that is the "Brawlidays" event. Just to start things off, I do not recommend paying for that event. Use a Rare Wildcard to craft Rhys, go on and just play this deck there. It will be a whole lot cheaper and it will tell WotC that these types of price-gouging strategies won't work if they want to keep making money from Arena. But anyways, onto the deck!

{{Rienne, Angel of Rebirth}}

I've had a lot of people request me to make a deck for this commander for quite some time, but honestly I'm sorry to say I just don't think Rienne is very good, at least not with the creatures available in Standard at the moment. I will absolutely make a historic version with her eventually, but I'm pretty starved on wildcards at the moment and I kinda took a break from magic around the Ixalan period, so I'm missing some important ones. This deck goes all in on the multicolor theme, with ridiculous mana requirements and a token-y aggressive strategy. It also runs 24 lands but don't tell anyone...

The Ramp:

{{Gilded Goose}} {{Incubation Druid}} {{Paradise Druid}} {{Arcane Signet}} {{Faeburrow Elder}} 

This deck's mana requirements are a little crazy, and that is why we run no colorless lands and also why we run a lot of ways to tap for any color. [[Gilded Goose]], [[Incubation Druid]], and [[Paradise Druid]] are all early dorks we can look for with [[Once Upon a Time]], and [[Faeburrow Elder]] can tap for a full WRG with any red permanent in play. [[Arcane Signet]] should help us get going early on to set up for explosive plays around turn 3 or 4.

Token Strats:

{{Rhys the Redeemed}} {{Hero of Precinct One}} {{Skyknight Vanguard}} {{Emmara, Soul of the Accord}} {{Ironroot Warlord}} {{Ledev Champion}} {{Trostani Discordant}} {{March of the Multitudes}}

So multicolored strategies actually do quite will with tokens, apparently. [[Rhys, the Redeemed]] does everything this deck would ever want, making tons of tokens and being hard to get rid of with our commander in play. One of the other few multicolored creatures in this deck is [[Hero of Precinct One]], who can quickly snowball out of control with all our multicolored spells. [[Skyknight Vanguard]] lets us get aggressive early and punish greedy opponent stumbling in the early stages, and [[Emmara, Soul of the Accord]] does a pretty similar thing, though in a different, less evasive body. [[Ironroot Warlord]] and [[Ledev Champion]] can become quite large with many creatures in play, as well as making some pretty expensive tokens by themselves. [[Trostani Discordant]] can buff up our super wide board and offers protection from steal effects, and [[March of the Multitudes]] rounds out the token package by making more tokens out of our tokens to get even more tokens later. Tokens.

Early Aggression: 

{{Glass of the Guildpact}} {{Zhur-Taa Goblin}} {{Huatli's Raptor}}  {{Gruul Spellbreaker}} {{Feather, the Redeemed}} {{Tajic, Legion's Edge}}

This deck is not aggro, but it can benefit a lot from punishing a slow opponent's early turns with small threats. [[Zhur-Taa Goblin]]'s 2 or 3 damage a turn might not seem like much, but it adds up. [[Huatli's Raptor]] has a very decent body, and synergizes with all our +1/+1 counter-giving. [[Gruul Spellbreaker]] is a powerful early creature that can play offense and defense quite well, and [[Feather, the Redeemed]] gives us an evasive threat that lets us reuse some of the removal we have in the deck. As a final early annoying creature we run [[Tajic, Legion's Edge]] to protect our creatures from damage sweepers and mentor our tokens.

Midrange Pressure:

{{Grumgully, the Generous}} {{Rhythm of the Wild}} {{Sunder Shaman}} {{Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice}} {{Conclave Cavalier}} {{Embercleave}}

Did you know that Soldier tokens aren't Humans? We have cards that make both, but the ones that make Soldiers or Elves really like [[Grumgully, the Generous]]'s amazing mushrooms to make the army beefier. [[Rhythm of the Wilds]] also offers us some extra protection from denial and lets our creatures be either bigger or faster with the riot-giving. We run three big 4 CMC creatures that really like hitting face, with [[Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice]] providing mentorship for the needy, [[Sunder Shaman]] demolishing our opponent's artifacts and enchantments, and [[Conclave Cavalier]] providing us a lot of value if recurred with Rienne. To finish things off with a bang we of course run [[Embercleave]], the most hilarious card in Eldraine, for some surprise damage lethals.

Removal and Interaction:

 {{Thrash}} {{Domri's Ambush}} {{Domri, Anarch of Bolas}} {{Knight of Autumn}} {{Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves}} {{Ravager Wurm}}

The deck runs a decent-ish amount of removal, but it's mostly creature-based due to Rienne, which works with [[Feather the Redeemed]]. We run [[Thrash]] as a flexible piece of removal that can target walkers, and [[Domri's Ambush]] gives us a similar effect but with a little boost. [[Domri, Anarch of Bolas]] pumps our creature, provides protection from counterspells, or can provide a fight effect to remove a powerful creature of theirs, which works great when Rienne is on the field to recur the creature we just lost. [[Knight of Autumn]] is a quick way to get rid of a problematic enchantment or artifact, and [[Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves]]'s wolf friend can actually hit for quite a bit if we have all our pump effects on the board. [[Ravager Wurm]] is a large threatening monster that can eat a Castle or similar threatening land or fight a creature we would like to see rid of.

Value and Consistency:

{{Once Upon a Time}} {{Guardian Project}} {{Tome of the Guildpact}} {{Camaraderie}}

We have a few cards to try to keep us from stalling out too fast. [[Once Upon a Time]] allows us to keep more speculative hands for a good early start, or can be used to search for one of our early ramp spells. [[Guardian Project]] provides us continuous value, especially if we are trading our creatures off with Rienne, and [[Tome of the Guildpact]] isn't really ramp, but it lets us draw quite a few more cards if it stays in play, for the majority of our deck consists of multicolored spells. [[Camaraderie]] works as a double-up value card and finisher in the deck, as it can draw us a TON of cards if we have a lot of creatures on the board and grow them for insane damage swings.


{{Castle Ardenvale}} {{Castle Embereth}} {{Castle Garenbrig}} {{Guildmages1 Forum}}

This deck runs 24 lands, and I think that's wrong but this was more of an experiment I ran. The right number for this build of Rienne is probably around 26, but this version works just well enough to be worth checking out. We have a lot of pretty steep requirements, so most of our lands are just multicolored lands, but we also have a few that can get us some extra utility. [[Castle Ardenvale]] goes well with our token theme, as does [[Castle Embereth]] providing us with yet another way of pumping the entire team. [[Castle Garenbrig]] is useful for when you need to cast your commander multiple times in a game, which will probably happen since Rienne is quite a huge threat, and [[Guildmage's Forum]] is a possible mana sink to have our creatures come into play slightly larger, because you never know what might make the difference.

And that's the Rienne deck! Get aggressive early and finish them off with Rienne and your Anthems, or ramp into our value engines of [[Guardian Project]] and [[Tome of the Guildpact]] to bury our opponent out of the game!

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If I did not include a specific mythic or rare card it is because I do not own it yet for I am a plebian.

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Awesome and fun Brawl deck. Great Job!
Last Updated: 15 Dec 2019
Created: 12 Dec 2019
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