Historic Brawl - Dargon Reanimator

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Big Dargon Reanimator

Yeah Korvold, back at it again and this time, it's reanimating! While not the most reanimator-centric commander, it's a very strong value engine that functions within Jund, which has a surprising amount of ways to both discard cards to graveyard and bring big creatures back. And that's what we're doing!

{{Korvold, Fae-Cursed King}}

There's nothing really that special about the deck if you're familiar with the reanimation strategies available in Brawl, but this one lets us pitch the most cards for value, as well as having some really scary big boys to bring back. I didn't feel particularly excited to play much today so I feel like this deck is pretty low in terms of originality, it's almost like I took two previous lists I had and mashed them together... Oh well, anyways, here's Korvold's Reanimator deck!

The Ramp:

{{Gilded Goose}} {{Paradise Druid}} {{Incubation Druid}} {{Arcane Signet}} {{Leafkin Druid}} {{Leyline Prowler}}

The ramp package is what it is, as our deck can really make use of mana, but it also has a lot of good 3 drops, so it's not always absolutely necessary, yet it always help. We focus on more creature-based ramp because we are in green, and it allows us to build up Undergrowth and also have things to sacrifice to Korvold later on. We also run [[Arcane Signet]] because we must.

Getting cards in the graveyard:

{{Rix Maadi Reveler}} {{Glowspore Shaman}} {{Erstwhile Trooper}} {{Charnel Troll}} {{Rotting Regisaur}} {{Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion}} {{Rankle, Master of Pranks}} {{Cavalier of Thorns}} {{Cavalier of Flame}} {{Underrealm Lich}} {{Doom Whisperer}} 

So this section mixes a lot of the strategies we had in both our Izoni and our Rakdos reanimator decks. We have a few ways to putting cards straight into our graveyard with [[Glowspore Shaman]], [[Cavalier of Thorns]], [[Underrealm Lich]], and [[Doom Whisperer]], and many ways to discard creatures from our hand. [[Riz Maadi Reveler]] can do that or help draw us a bunch of cards if we are being aggressive, which we can be given the stats on the creatures we have in this list. [[Rotting Regisaur]], [[Charnel Troll]], and [[Erstwhile Trooper]] are all pretty annoying to block, and can put our opponent on the back foot, eating removal that would be pointed at our huge creatures. At later costs we have [[Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion]], [[Rankle, Master of Pranks]], and [[Cavalier of Flame]] to discard a lot of cards from our hand and hopefully draw our ways to bring them back. This deck works best if we start our aggression early, and use our reanimation as a finisher.

Bringing them back:

{{Blood for Bones}} {{Cauldron's Gift}} {{Bond of Revival}} {{Cauldron of Eternity}} {{Finale of Eternity}} {{Finale of Devastation}}

Well this is all pretty standard, really. [[Blood for Bones]] has extra synergy with our commander but here it's all about getting those big reanimation turns. Feel free to let Korvold go to graveyard with these in hand, as he is a great reanimation target as well.

Big Bombs:

{{Cavalier of Night}} {{Massacre Girl}} {{Ravager Wurm}} {{Izoni, Thousand-Eyed}} {{Drakuseth, Maw of Flames}} {{End-Raze Forerunners}}

Speaking of reanimation targets, we have the cream of the crop here. [[Cavalier of Night]] and [[Massacre Girl]] are great against aggressive or stompy strategies, [[Ravager Wurm]] can destroy a castle or fight a creature on ETB, and [[Izoni, Thousand-Eyed has fantastic synergy with our commander. As absolute finishers we have [[Drakuseth, Maw of Flames]] and [[End-Raze Forerunners]], both being very good at ending the game if they get to swing in.

Extra synergies:

{{Assassin's Trophy}} {{Kraul Harpooner}} {{Rhythm of the Wild}} {{Guardian Project}} {{The Great Henge}} {{Find}}

Well look, this is a Jund reanimator deck, but it can still run some cards that are just good, like [[Assassin's Trophy]]. In order to try to get more impact out of our creatures coming back to the battlefield, why not give them Riot with [[Rhythm of the Wild]], which works wonders with [[Kraul Harpooner]]. [[Guardian Project]] and [[The Great Henge]] are here to make sure we don't run out of resources too quickly if we cannot cast or attack with our commander, and [[Find]] works as an excellent dual value spell and board clear.


{{Blast Zone}} {{Field of the Dead}} {{Evolving Wilds}} {{Fabled Passage}} {{Castle Locthwain}} {{Witch's Cottage}}

24 lands means I really didn't really bother much getting the optimal mana base for this deck, but honestly I was just trying to have fun. I overworked myself this week and I just wanted to relax today. I threw in a mess of lands that sacrifice themselves for extra value with Korvold and a [[Field of the Dead]] because I didn't want to think too much. You figure out a better manabase.

About EveryDayANewBrawlDeck

Follow my twitter at https://twitter.com/EverydayDeck for more Brawl decks, everyday!

Most of these decks are atrocious, some are just bad.

If I did not include a specific mythic or rare card it is because I do not own it yet for I am a plebian.

Feel free to take any of these ideas and make them your own, I do not 'own' any of these decks and I probably have NOT made the right card decisions.


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Last Updated: 30 Nov 2019
Created: 30 Nov 2019
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