Limited - M19 QuickDraft 7-2 WG Enchantments

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Aggro Midrange
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Mainboard - 40 cards (22 distinct)
Creature (17)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (6)
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There seems to be a weird pattern with my drafts, my good decks go 0-3 and lackluster decks like this go 7-2. Well, it is not a total disaster so let us go through the deck and find out how this was possible. We tried out WG Enchantments, while it is not a favorite archetype we need to be open for everything and master all kinds of archetypes. A big part of drafts is finding the open archetypes and making a good synergy no matter what they are.


{{Ajani's Last Stand}}

One of our best cards turned out to not do anything at all, mostly because we were not able to draw it but that one time we were lucky enough to get it and trigger the token it was swiftly [[Disperse]]d. Not the card you want to see when you finally get your 4/4 token out on the battlefield.


{{Trusty Packbeast}} {{Skyscanner}} {{Explosive Apparatus}}

We got a little combo value here with our trusty little beast who can get some of our cards back from the graveyard. In itself, it has a big butt and is mostly a blocker, but with auras, it can be a scary beater.


{{Rustwing Falcon}}

The useless bird that is not high on a picklist, but can be very annoying with some enchantments. While it feels good to hit the opponent with a big bird, not so much to be two-for-oned when you try to get some auras on it. You have to be careful, this card is one of the first cards your opponent is waiting for you to enchant so watch out for instant responses.


{{Daybreak Chaplain}}

Very good 2 drop in this set, her thiccness with 3 toughness really stops a lot of aggro decks dead in their tracks the one power deals with all the 1 toughness creatures in the block. The extra lifelink ability also makes her really great for blocking 2 power creatures too. Late game auras on her feels good as you also get the extra lifelink payoff.


{{Knight's Pledge}} {{Talons of Wildwood}} {{Druid of Horns}}

Wow, what a lackluster combination of aura and payoff cards. While I did use GW as a base and was on the lookout for Aura cards, I got a surprisingly low amount of these cards towards the end of the draft. Druid of the Horns is not a good card, what I was looking for was a [[Satyr Enchanter]] which is way better in a deck that wants to use enchantments. 


{{Star-Crowned Stag}} {{Ghirapur Guide}}

The evasion pack for hitting through a stale board and beating down the opponent. While Ghirapur Guide is a bit lackluster, he really shined in this deck. The ability is good as it does not require any tapping and can be used immediately and as many times you want. Having three guides there is also no problem with trading him away early in the game. This guy is good in best of one matches because the surprise element is really strong. While in Competetive drafts he would be a lot worse since the surprise element is gone after the first round. 


{{Giant Spider}}

The obligatory green spider protection pack stops most fliers and hold the ground well.


{{Rhox Oracle}} {{Elvish Rejuvenator}}

Great value cards that replace themselves by drawing cards. The Rejuvenator is a bit weak in this deck as we are not particularly heavy on the top end of the curve but he is still a solid value card. 


{{Ghastbark Twins}}

Our endgame card that sits at the top of the curve alone, a couple of points over all other cards including [[Colossal Dreadmaw]].


{{Cavalry Drillmaster}} {{Centaur Courser}}

The Courser is a good solid three drop and fits nicely in the deck, while the drillmaster is just filler and would rather be fitted in an aggro deck.


Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them.

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"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"

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