Arena Standard - Elemental Esper Midrange

20 27 19
14 14 6 26
  • Deck contains 5 invalid cards for this format: Hostage Taker (XLN), Drowned Catacomb (XLN), Glacial Fortress (XLN), Isolated Chapel (DOM), Teferi, Hero of Dominaria (DOM)
Main 60 cards (24 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (14)
Creature (14)
Planeswalker (6)
Land (26)
Side 15 cards (9 distinct)
Maybeboard 4 cards (4 distinct)

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2 4
1 3
Missing Sideboard
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Missing Rare cards:8

I haven't fully fleshed out this deck, yet, but it's performed pretty well in the "Competitive Metagame Challenge" so far and decently on ladder. Granted, this deck has fallen flat against several off-meta decks, but done well against the standard teir 1 lists.

It's basically an "upgraded" version of Esper Midrange from last season. The basic package hasn't changed.

{{Hero of Precinct One}} {{Thought Erasure}} {{Teferi, Time Raveler}} {{Teferi, Hero of Dominaria}}

The appearant strategy is either to swarm the board with heros and 1/1 tokens in either the early game before the opponent can respond or late-game after the opponent's removal has dried up. Admittedly, I never thought this was a very good gameplan as hero dies to too many things in the format. However, the aim of this deck diverges from last season's strategy with the inclusion of elementals from Core 2020.

{{Cavalier of Dawn}} {{Cavalier of Night}}

We're actually just trying to create sacrifice fodder for our elementals to make a 3/3 or destroy and opposing creature. [[Cavalier of Dawn]] in particular synergizes with [[Oath of Kaya]] as it can sacrifice it when it comes in and bring it back when it dies.


{{Thief of Sanity}} {{Hostage Taker}} {{Agent of Treachery}}

[[Hostage Taker]] and [[Thief of Sanity]], both staples of the esper midrange archetype, have significant setbacks that always made me weary of their inclusion. Like Hero, [[Thief of Sanity]] dies to nearly everything and can become irrelevant in the late game, especially against [[Nicol Bolas, the Ravager]] and [[God-Eternal Kefnet]]. [[Hostage Taker]]'s body sometimes overwhelms against green and red decks--if it dies to a [[Lightning Strike]] before we have the mana to cast the creature we exile, they get it back. But now we can either use them as sacrifice fodder or as part of a plan to control three or more permenants of our opponent's to trigger [[Agent of Treachery]]. While I haven't had a game yet where this went off, [[Agent of Treachery]] has still performed exceedingly well as it can target anything (even lands) and the effect happens immediately.


{{Drawn from Dreams}}

I've always felt Esper Midrange lacked card draw and this is just about the best in the format. It even sneaks past [[Narset, Parter of Veils]]' effect as it doesn't say "draw".



The sideboard plan is usually pretty simple.

  • RDW: We can trim [[Thought Erasure]] to just one copy and add [[Despark]] in game two, anticipating a Chandra planeswalker or [[Experimental Frenzy]], if not [[Rekindling Pheonix]]. [[Elite Guardmage]] can replace one big Teferi and one little.
  • Command the Dreadhorde: That's what [[Garfdiffer's Cage]] is for, and we might need to run more than one if the meta leans too much in this direction. Also [[Dovin's Veto]]. Against the [[Wildgrowth Walker]] varient, I'll cut [[Teferi, Time Raveler]] entirely and might consider [[Cavelier of Night]] since it can gain them life if they steal it. Bring in [[Despark]], for sure. 

Most other decks I've run against, either the deck is already in a good shape, pre-board, or there are obvious picks/cuts.


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Last Updated: 14 Jul 2019
Created: 14 Jul 2019
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