Arena Standard - Cutthroat Business

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It's a tough business environment out there so be sure to be the one stepping on others rather than being the one stepped on!

Part 1: Rungs on the Corporate Ladder

{{Reassembling Skeleton}}{{Deathbloom Thallid}}

These creatures have effects that trigger when they die or can bring themselves back from the graveyard. This lets our powerful sacrifice effects have even more bang for their buck. Cards like [[Deathbloom thallid]] and [[Orzhov Enforcer]] create tokens that we can sacrifice when they die. While cards like [[Reassembling Skeleton]] and [[Gutterbones]] have the ability to bring themselves out of the graveyard allowing us to sacrifice them again!

Part 2: Those with Corporate Ambition

{{Cavalier of Night}}{{Rite of Belzenlok}}

These cards want to sacrifice creatures and with our numorous sacrifice outlets this is no problem at all. [[Cavalier of Night]] is much less cut throat than the other sacrificers since you have a choice in whether you sac something or not, but he gives our deck a lot of value being a kill spell mixed with a powerful creature and a way to get our sacrifce creatures back out when he dies! Next is [[Demon of Catastrophes]] which is a very powerful creature on turn 4 with the requirment of a sacrifice but that is no problem for us! Lastly [[Rite of Belzenlok]] which creates creatures to sacrifce for 2 turns then gives a huge demon on turn 3 that requires sacrifces.

Part 3: Other cards

{{Liliana, Dreadhorde General}}{{Midnight Reaper}}

These cards give us card draw for our sacrificing which is important to keep our hand stocked since we are killing our own creatures. Also [[Liliana, Dreadhorde General]] is very powerful, enough so to win the game on her own.

I hope you have fun reaching a higher managment position!


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Last Updated: 18 Jul 2019
Created: 09 Jul 2019
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