Commander - Varolz's Grave Robbing Adventure

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Have you ever felt like you weren't getting enough value out of your creatures? Well, [[Varolz, the Scar-Striped]] is here to alleviate that problem by letting you syphon the power of your dead creatures into your still living ones... How cheery.

Nearly all the creatures in this deck have a high power to CMC ratio allowing you to get a huge bang for your buck when you scavange them. [[Deity of Scars]] and [[Groundbreaker]] are great examples of this but my personal favorite is [[Death's Shadow]] which with this deck basically says "pay 2 black mana put 13 +1/+1 counters on target creature you control."

Next are cards that synergize with +1/+1 counters. Creatures like [[Corpsejack Menace]] and [[Kalonian Hydra]] let you double the counters you scavenge. Noncreature spells of this vein include [[Hardened Scales]] and [[Primal Vigor]] which both also increase the potency of scavange. Finally [[Sekki, Seasons' Guide]], [[Undergrowth Champion]] and [[Mycoloth]] get better the more +1/+1 counters you have on them so they are great targets for scavenge.

Then there are the cards that dont fall into either of those categories but still work with the deck. One of these being [[Ghoulcaller Gisa]] who lets you swarm the board with zombies, this not only puts a creature in the graveyard which can be scavenged but can also help avoid nasty single target removal by either sacrificing the creature going to be targeted and by makeing many creatures which can only be easily removed with a board clear. The others cards that didn't fit in were [[Eldritch Evolution]], [[Birthing Pod]], and [[Natural Order]] these cards let you get your high power creatures out quickly while also putting cards in the graveyard for scavange. 

So get out there and have fun grave robbing with your totally good influence Varolz!




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Well thank you that is very kind of you partner! :)
Not that i am aware of your existence and your deck creations, i can never go back to boring decks again! your mind is an inspiration Pokey :D
Last Updated: 30 May 2019
Created: 30 May 2019
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