Standard - Bridgemaster Affinity Bomb

20 2 8
10 19 11 20
Control Combo
  • Deck contains 10 invalid cards for this format: Treasure Map // Treasure Cove (XLN), Karn, Scion of Urza (DOM), Powerstone Shard (DOM), Sulfur Falls (DOM), Zhalfirin Void (DOM), Mox Amber (DOM), Sai, Master Thopterist (M19), Gearsmith Prodigy (M19), River's Rebuke (XLN), Blink of an Eye (DOM)
Main 60 cards (19 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (19)
Planeswalker (11)
Creature (10)
Land (20)
Side 15 cards (5 distinct)

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About: This deck will allow you to regularly put out 10-20 artifacts in one turn, gain just as much life, and deal just as much damage to your opponent's life. Take advantage of [[Experimental Frenzy]] and [[Jhoira's Familiar]] to cycle through your deck while playing artifacts for free, while filtering out top-decked lands with [[Treasure Map]], [[Traveler's Amulet]], [[Fountain of Renewal]], and various other card draw effects. Maximize [[Saheeli, Sublime Artificer]] by copying [[Powerstone Shard]], [[Jhoira's Familiar]], and other options.  Each turn can feel like a "Spot the Lethal" puzzle, and while extremely difficult to play properly, it is extremely rewarding to master.


Write-up in progress. Due to previous card changes, some of the below may be out of date.

Bridgemaster Affinity Bomb

{{Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge}}



Reasons to play this deck:


There are a VERY high amount of choices for you to make each turn - ordering, positioning, and timing. This deck has a very large margin for misplay, which, in turn, results in a very high satisfaction from deck mastery.



The playstyle is unique, and brings an excellent change of pace for those burnt-out on Guilds of Ravnica.



This deck is a BLAST to play.




Mono-colored cards are beautiful, and the artwork used in this list is top-notch. 



The Deck Inspiration:

Normally, when I make decks, I look to other successful lists from prior years that are interesting, fun, and different. Bridgemaster Bomb is a list inspired by two different decks that I personally enjoyed: 

(1) Modern Affinity

(2) Dominaria/Amonhket-Era  Aetherflux Resevoir Combo


Like Affinity, we look to explode with high costed permanents that have been reduced in cost or that have Artifact synergy.

Like Aetherflux Combo, we trigger multiple actions through low costed artifacts which will result in a veritable bomb.



Let's discuss card choices:


{{Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge}}

[[Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge]] gives us affinity, and has an explosive "+" ability that goes off like a nuclear bomb. This card allows for both tremendous damage and life-gain.


{{Tezzeret, Artifice Master}}

[[Tezzeret, Artifice Master]] as a 5-mana draw two card that could stay around multiple turns, triggers [[Saheeli, Sublime Artificer]] and [[Sai, Master Thopterist]], and can come out very cheap at times due to [[Jhoira's Familiar]].


{{Powerstone Shard}}

[[Powerstone Shard]] provides resource-accelaration. Maybe [[Traveler's Amulet]] and 5-6 basic lands would be better. Try both out.

{{Saheeli, Sublime Artificer}}

Aside from the obvious [[Servo]] generation; the "-3" can copy another creature you control. Try targetting a Karn token for some nice artifact-enlargement any male "enhancement" will be gunning to get a testimonial about. Or, Ohobbs a [[Powerstone Shard]] for additional colorless mana.

 {{Mox Amber}}

Fantastic card, and should be run at 4 copies. There are several tricks with this card in this deck, such as tapping for mana, and tossing the duplicate down. This will enable you to follow-up your turn 3 [[Saheeli, Sublime Artificer]] or [[Sai, Master Thopterist]] with a one-costed artifact, putting out two creatures that same turn.


{{Sai, Master Thopterist}}

[[Sai, Master Thopterist]] provides card draw, artifact generation, and an enabler for [[Mox Amber]]. Be sure to use the activated ability to draw.


[[Traveler's Amulet]]

Get this down early and activated quickly. This will filter land draws out your deck while ensuring color-consistency. Great when [[Experimental Frenzy]] is out to activate and remove a land from your top-deck.

{{Blast Zone}}

[[Blast Zone]] is your only source of board removal. four cards for boardwide removal in this deck, and these are it. Keep in mind that it will not destroy your own tokens.


 This list is fairly early in development. I love collaboration, and if you've played wth some changes or subsitutions I'd love to hear how they performed.


I'm very easty to contact, and always try respond to any questions about this deck, my other decks, or general strategy very quickly. I really enjoy theory crafting and getting into strategy- reach out to me if you have question! Reach out to me by commenting on the list here, messaging me on Aetherhub's Discord Server, or chatting with me on Twitch if you can catch my very sporadic streams. 


About CaptainJamoke



Aetherhub Content


CaptainJamoke's Streamlabs "Website"


Full time job: Attorney (No legal advice)

Location: North East, United States





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Nice attempt man. Don't loose hope!
I have played Magic since the early 90's, in that time, i have never encountered a deck that sucks as badly as this one does. 0-10 with it. DONE
Comical one...better play a UR Saheeli combo instead of's even difficoult to call it "deck"
Why are there mountains on the deck? Saheeli is the only card that uses red and can be replaced by islands. you would only need to use islands and for the black that tezzeret needs Between the Beacon and the guild globe you have enough manafixing.
haven't tried yet but after reading the whole thing I gotta say I miss mirrodin. im hoping for a new mirrodin block with reprints of broodstar and other affinity cards.
NICE!!!! Tanks
I faced a similar deck the other day, he litteraly raped me with tezzeret on first game, 2 time 15 dmg, outch. Then i sided deputy of detention and knight of autumn and the entire synergie of the deck were destroyed.
But really nice deck :)
Artifacts out: Mox Amber, Traverler's Amulet, Guild Globe, Jhoira's Familiar.
Artifacts in: Navigator's Compass Mana Geode, Guardians of Kolios.

Karn, Scion of Urza is a must imo.

The saga "The Antiquities War" might be another finisher.

Still testing though.
Those felt slower in testing, and I opted for a quicker version. That said, if you’re seeing more success with spark and karn I’d keep with those. My tweaks also depend on what I’m facing mostly, so they may not be best for the matchups you are seeing. Have you made any other modifications that you’ve seen effective?
i see some changes, i started playing it a few days ago, made quite a few changes to try to survive against aggro, still mostly die tho, i see you removed karn/spark double, i normally win off of those 2, so im not sure... why experimental frenzy?
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Last Updated: 24 May 2019
Created: 27 Apr 2019
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