All Wilds of Eldraine Anime Cards from Enchanting Tales

ChrisCee August 23, 2023 2 min
All Wilds of Eldraine Anime Cards from Enchanting Tales

Enchanting Tales is a special subset of Wilds of Eldraine featuring 63 enchantment cards. All are reprints, and are curated from MTG's long history with the card type. The special thing that identifies these cards, aside from the set symbol, are the special board art and the unique artwork reminiscent of children's storybooks.

Some interpretations are straightforward, like this, others not so much.

Twenty of these feature special anime artwork from Japanese artists. Among them are 5 rares and 15 mythic rares, all following the same rarity of the original Enchanting Tales selections. Thematic inspirations seem to vary wildly, but it is quite interesting that these specific twenty were chosen among the 63. Well, you probably can't recreate the entire Enchanting Tales set. But you do have to wonder how the visual theme would be handled if other enchantments were chosen instead.

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While the anime artwork for this current set can vary wildly in sophistication and focus a maybe little too much on the person/creature imagery, we do still have a few outstanding picks here:

Smothering Tithe

(Announcement post by Daisuke Tatsuma/vitamin_xx_2525)

The card was already an object of fascination for me during its sneak peek. The art itself doesn't blow any special bells and whistles. But thematically, it is probably one of the best cards within this exclusive set that can still be as anime as it can exceedingly get. You can literally hear the "ohoho" in the picture, and every possible Japanese sentence ending in "wa."


Rhystic Study

(Announcement post by fuzichoco)

Simple, elegant, stylish. It does not have an overly outlandish visual, and yet the corals, details of the coin-like ornaments, and the prismatic scales complement each other very well. It even blends perfectly with the theme of a typical MTG card. In fact, without the complex shading, it may well be the original Enchanting Tales version already. As a bonus, this specific artwork is also probably the best one among the anime cards in foil form. 

Doubling Season

(Announcement post by Kemonomichi/kemo_kemono)

Need I explain why this image is so epic? It's none other than the Mothergoose The Goose Motherimage! Okay, maybe not, but the mere existence of this card makes me question why the same card is even being reprinted on Commander Masters in the first place.

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