Watch Command Zone Host Josh Lee Kwai Play Flesh & Blood!

Genoslugcs June 5, 2023 2 min
Watch Command Zone Host Josh Lee Kwai Play Flesh & Blood!

Josh Lee Kwai hosts the immensely popular Commander YouTube channel/podcast, The Command Zone. He regularly plays Commander with his co-host, friends, and fans in a segment called "Game Knights" and covers many topics on EDH. He is a general pillar of the MTG community, and his face is synonymous with the format of Commander.

While Magic: The Gathering is his bread & butter, he recently branched out into playing Flesh & Blood, an up-and-coming trading card game similar to MTG, gaining much traction. Today I want to cover Josh Lee Kwai's venture into F&B, how his gameplay mirrors his iconic commander play, and where you can watch him play. So, without further ado, let's jump in.


"I Play Flesh & Blood Now"

a tweet by josh lee kwai saying "I play flesh and blood now"

The Tweet says it all, "I play Flesh & Blood now." The Professor over at Tolarian Community College, who also plays Flesh & Blood, asked if this meant he'd play F&B with him. That's a game I'd like to see! As I'm sure you noticed, a small video accompanies the text. It's a teaser video by the YouTube channel "Three Floating," which is the premier location for Flesh & Blood related content.

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It's also the place where the match takes place. You can find a link to the teaser video here and their YouTube channel here. You'll find Josh's match there and at the top of the page. I recommend any MTG players interested in dipping their toes into F&B to check them out.

The Showdown

So, how did the game go? Well, I won't spoil the results. I will, however, say that Josh stays very true to the play-style that he's become notorious for in Commander. In other words, the Mayor of Value Town is still in office. Whether it's Josh Lee Kwia playing Flesh & Blood or Magic: The Gathering, the man loves his value. And that's very apparent in the gameplay.

He also has not become any less fond of drawing cards or not letting his opponent draw cards. Classically, he also shows that life total is nothing more than a resource and that he's not afraid to take damage when he needs to. He displays his overall wit and skill in picking up on play lines and game strategy, even within a different TCG.

Uzuri,Switchblade from flesh and blood tcg the card isolate from flesh and blood tcg

If you're familiar with the MTG mechanic of Ninjutsu, you'll already have a general idea of how Josh's deck works, even if you've never seen a game of Flesh & Blood before. While the gameplay is generally different, his Uzuri, Switchblade deck allows him to attack with one thing (with Stealth) and then switch it out for something else (possibly bigger and scarier) from the hand to keep opponents on their toes.


If you're a fan of The Command Zone, Game Knights, or MTG, you'll probably find it entertaining to watch Josh Lee Kwia play Flesh & Blood too. I know I did. Even if you're someone who primarily (or even exclusively) plays Magic, having a familiar face with a background in the same TCG makes F&B feel familiar. And you'll probably catch yourself going, "Ah, ok. That works like x,y, or z in Magic," and catching on quickly. Until next time, take care of yourselves.


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