Theros Beyond Death cards leaked

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By: andreliverod - 30 Oct 2019

Update: Even more leaks, seems that someone was able to buy multiple packs off a big vendor. Latest speculation is that these packs have been mixed with ELD from Distributor.

Several cards from the upcoming set Theros Beyond death has been leaked. On the main MTG subreddit /Magictcg 33 cards were leaked today by a user named BlakedaWerewolf. Claiming he got them from a friend who found 5 packs from the set at Walmart.

There are major spoilers ahead so stop browsing now if you want to wait until spoiler season. These leaks hurt both Wizards and the community as preview cards are given to content creators to get hype building for the next set. 

During the spoiler season of the next set, we will be adding the preview cards as they get spoiled to our card database, we will however NOT add cards that are leaked like this until spoiler season starts. 

Link to the original Reddit post: Theros Beyond Death Major Spoilers

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escape has to be a lot stronger than i'm imagining or else that elspeth is balls...if the power of the commons and uncommons say anything about a's definitely not looking AS pushed as eldraine...and i doubt any set after eldraine will be that powerful for awhile...
why is elspeth all minus's
Article updated with even more leaks. This might escalate even more over the next days.
Looks like 6 packs by the numbers instead of 5
Back up are you claiming it's good for the community when wotc sends preview cards and then content creators buy all the copies of cards needed for decks before everyone sees them because I would have preferred a sliver commander deck didnt cost what like 500 dollars more before first sliver was spoiled.
Some of these are really strong. Looking forward to release of this MUCH more now.
Those lands are beautiful.
Didnt get the improvement on elspeth escape mechanic
holy fuckin shit titties...
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