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The Super Spiffy Tournament II
Streaming Tournament 
By: andreliverod - 16 Jun 2019

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AetherHub is an official sponsor to AliasV's next Super Spiffy Tournament! Compete with 400 other contenders for a variety of different prizes. Tourney Date 14th July


AliasV is doing it again and there is a bunch of sweet prizes to win! Team Aether have several members attending if you need someone to watch. Signup link

Prize pool:

10k MTG Arena Gems & Wotc

2x Stream Deck Mini

2x Golden Tickets - MagicFest 2019
CFB Events

Free MTG Courses
Spikes Academy

Custom Playmats
Inked Gaming

$200 Cash Prize
Hipsters of the Coast

Flipside Gaming

$250 Store Credit + Judge Support
Face to Face Games

Representing Team Aether in the Tournament

starskreamhd dragosimtg ratsrelyk7 - bothershawn - breannaleetan - mythicmikaela - craigmack378 - CaptainJamoke - kappolo42 - prcargill - jake_mtg - MrPunchingBag - ramza1987 - n7celticlullaby



Welcome to the second Super Spiffy Tournament! This tournament will take place starting 9am EST (6am PT, 1pm UTC, 2pm BST) on the Saturday 13th of July 2019, with the top 8 games taking place on Sunday the 14th (again at 9am EST).

If you want to enter the tournament, you need to do four things:

1) Read the stuff below, particularly the rules post. I know, it's long and boring (Alias told me as much), but it's important everyone's on the same page.

2) Sign up to the tournament web-page by clicking this link:

3) Post your smash/discord/MTGA IDs in the #ūüŹÜgame-tags room - PLEASE READ THE PINNED MESSAGE for how to format this. Once we see that there, we'll add you to the tournament role so you'll see tournament chat.

4) Prepare your deck and submit it when you're sure it's ready - this MUST be done before 23:59 EST on the 12th at the latest. You don't need your deck to be ready before you sign up though so do that ASAP. Remember, M20 will be freshly available and so far sets have been released on Arena before paper. We're hoping some of you choose to include cards from the new core set.



1) This tournament will be limited to 400 participants, so sign up ASAP to ensure your spot.

2) There will be 8 rounds of swiss played to determine the top eight. Rankings shall be determined by your match wins, and your score will be influenced by the wins/losses of your opponents which allows us to determine the top 8 players. (If you're familiar with Swiss rankings, there's no change here - I'm just explaining it in its most basic form for those who aren't familiar with it).

3) Top eight games will be in a standard elimination format to determine a winner, as well as second, third and fourth places for prizes.

4) Games will be played in the "tournament" mode of direct challenge. Players' direct challenge IDs need to be in the #ūüŹÜgame-tags channel. See the pinned notice in that room for more info.

5) The only cards banned are those which are banned in BO3 standard (currently just Rampaging Ferocidons; Nexus of Fate is NOT banned).

6) Players MUST upload an image of their main deck and sideboard to the tournament website before 23:59 EST on the 12th July. This image must clearly show (a) the NAMES and QUANTITIES of each card in both their main deck and sideboard and (b) which cards (and how many) are in the sideboard. Links to decklists are not acceptable - you must upload an image to Smash.

7) The judge-moderators decisions are final.

8) Top 8 games must be streamed to twitch in at least 480P resolution (preferably higher). You can use streaming software such as OBS Studio or SLOBS to do this - see below for info on this.



1) Once your opponent is announced, Direct Challenge in Tournament Match mode will be used to start the game. Please see the attached image (particularly if you're not familiar with direct challenges).

2) If you're unable to start a game with your opponent within 5-10 minutes of the match starting, please call a moderator.

3) If you're given a "bye" this will be counted as a match win but you don't have to play a game.

4) Please contact a moderator ASAP in the case of cheating (for instance, playing a card that is not in their main deck [game 1] or main deck/sideboard [games 2/3], or if an unwinnable loop is entered). Discord screen sharing or a screenshot may be required to demonstrate the issue. Moderators' decisions are final.

5) Top 8 games must be streamed, but we recommend you record all games. See below for more information on this.

6) When contacting a moderator, please include as much information as you can - at the very least, who you are (if you're using a different name on discord to elsewhere) and who your opponent is. You would be amazed at how important information can be for us mods, and what a headache missing information can be :-).

7) Once each game is over, and as soon as the match is complete, both players must update the information on so we can monitor the progress of the games. (Do your sideboarding first though - there's a timer on that!)



Top eight matches must be streamed, as they will be covered live on the channel. To stream you will need to use streaming software such as OBS Studio or SLOBS. SLOBS can be downloaded by clicking the following affiliate link:

We recommend that you record all your matches. If you don't want to install streaming software, Windows 10 has a built-in (and very well-hidden) recording facility in the XBox application - which is installed by default on Windows 10 systems and can be accessed from your start menu. Once it's loaded, press Windows+Alt+R to record.

If you don't wish to record or stream your day 1 games, that's fine, but please at least capture an image at the point you're winning (or losing) the final game in the match. Evidence will be needed in the case of a disputed result.


More details can be found in discord:

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