New decks from Brothers' War for Historic

andreliverod November 19, 2022 1 min

Moving over from the latest Standard Decks, we look into MTG Arena's evergreen format Historic. With the latest set, Brothers' War, we are introduced to some interesting "new" cards previously found in Modern. Let's dive into the decks without further ado, starting with the popular Combo from Modern, now available in Historic!


Charbelcher Combo

Takobyte details how to play this fun puzzle combo deck featuring the new and old card Goblin Charbelcherimage. The trick with the Charbelcher is to not have any land cards in your deck, making you draw your whole deck and deal 40+ damage directly to your opponent. Playing the Modal Double-Faced cards from Zendikar Rising like Turntimber Symbiosisimage, Spikefield Hazardimage, and Shatterskull Smashingimage, your lands are disguised as non-lands while living in your library. Cheating out Goblin Charbelcherimage with Irencrag Featimage  and Indomitable Creativityimage without having to pay the full seven mana to play and activate its ability is critical for winning games. Watch the included deck video to learn how to navigate this pearl of a deck.


Temur Charbelcher

Another version of the Goblin Charbelcherimage deck performing well in the Historic Ladder is the Temur version. With an impressive feat of a 57% win rate over 152 matches, it proves that there is potential for this deck in Best of 1 ranked.


Mono Red Aggro

Chandra, Dressed to Killimage has extended her wardrobe with the aggro staple Monastery Swiftspearimage. Games can get short and brutal with Chandra at the top curve of 3-mana together with Laelia, the Blade Reforgedimage. A safe bet in early rotations, mono-red maintains a high win rate and quick games, which is needed to climb the ladder quickly.


Izzet Artifacts

The new planeswalker Saheeli, Filigree Masterimage fits nicely into Historic Artifact decks, creating Thopters for affinity creatures like Thought Monitorimage or artifacts like Nettlecystimage, which can be attached to your small flying helpers. Third Path Iconoclastimage is also a new BRO card acting like a 2/1 cannon fooder to help you grow your artifact army.


Young Pyro Bro

The Young Pyromancerimage has got a new bro. The Arcane Proxyimage helps provide another body and sets off an instant or sorcery trigger. A combo that might be worth exploring for fun in a mono-red-blue splash variation, but you won't see any play at the top of Historic ladders.


That's it for Historic brews! Keep an eye on the Historic Metagame pages as we continue in a new environment. Keep a bookmark on the "Latest MTG Arena Historic Decks for the latest historic decks." Check out MTGA Assistant for tracking your in-game data, and contributing to the meta game data as you play

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