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andreliverod · November 19, 2022 · 2 min

The brewing season has started with Brothers' War out on MTG Arena. Content Creators with early access have already enjoyed some trial and error with access to all cards. Before we explore the decks, note that these are built primarily for fun and exploring game theories. For real Standard Metagame decks, check out the latest decks on AetherHub and keep an eye on our daily updated metagame pages. Be sure to check out the video guides for the decks you are interested in.


Urza Melds Into Unfairness


Using several of the new powerhouse cards from Brothers' War, this deck uses the new Urza, Lord Protectorimageand Teferi, Temporal Pilgrimimage Planeswalker cards. Not only that, but you also get the Portal to Phyrexiaimage as a finisher. If you got Mythic Wildcards to burn, look no further. 


Urza Planeswalker Meld


LegenVD goes for a more traditional Control Approach, including more removal, draw and counter spells than MtgMalone's version. Urza, Planeswalkerimage and The Temporal Anchorimage are the big VIP's of this deck.


Esper Teferi True Control


Not done with Control decks, Mythic player SlothMTG displays an Esper deck (blue/black/white) featuring Sheoldred, the Apocalypseimage with interesting card choices like the modular Surge Engineimage, which can act as an unblockable aggressor and draw engine. A classic Esper deck with several tools to deal with different situations.


Master of Control


The last control deck is blue and black, the Dimir colors. Removal, counter, and draw card spells are like bread and butter, topped off with the planeswalker spells Liliana of the Veilimage and Teferi, Temporal Pilgrimimage. A fun control deck, but might fall a bit short in control mirrors where your creature removal cards will be big duds.



Soldier Tribal


Over to some aggressive decks, soldiers seem to put up an excellent fight this time around. small and aggressive and packs a punch when Valiant Veteranimage and Siege Veteranimage comes into play.


Azorius soldier tribal aggro


Blue/White seems to be the colors of choice for soldiers. MTGArenaOriginalDecks has a different approach and goes for a higher top curve with creatures that can lay down a bigger beating.



Mono White Phyrexian Invoke


Finally, a Phyrexian deck. Our goal is to open the Portal to Phyrexiaimage, and the rest of the deck provides the means to get there. So not as grotesque as we hoped for. Hopefully, this changes in future sets. Portal to Phyrexiaimage has received a lot of talk and discussions in the MTG community, it is pretty much game over if it comes into play


Cheating in Phyrexians


The best way to win is to cheat. A wise man probably said once upon a time. The last thing your opponent wants to see is a Portal to Phyrexiaimage cheated out into the battlefield with Spirit-Sister's Callimage or Repair and Rechargeimage. Totalmtg shows you how with his Mardu creation.









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