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MTG Arena Quest List

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By: andreliverod - 12 Nov 2019

Quests in MTG Arena rewards you for completing objectives and they encourage you to try a variety of decks to do this. Quests reward you with gold and XP. This is a list of all quests in the game.

Each day a new quest is added, stacking up to a maximum of three. If all your quest slots are filled up you will not receive another one until the day after you complete one of your three quests. They come in two amounts, 500 and 750 gold, each day you also get one reroll of one of your maximum three quests. Trying to reroll the 500 gold quests into 750 ones is a good idea. 

The optimizer would want to log in every day to reroll the low quests and try to only complete 750 gold quests. Then try avoiding finishing the 500 gold ones to have a chance at rerolling them. The quests also provide XP towards the mastery system, the amount does not vary as you get 500XP if you complete both 500g and 750g quests.


If you want to learn more about the Mastery system: MTG Arena Mastery Pass Detailed Guide


Quest Reward
Attack with 45 creatures 750
Cast 40 creature spells 750
Kill 25 of your opponent's creatures 750
Play 40 lands 750
Cast 30 white or blue spells 750
Cast 30 blue or black spells 750
Cast 30 black or red spells 750
Cast 30 red or green spells 750
Cast 30 green or white spells 750
Cast 30 white or black spells 750
Cast 30 blue or red spells 750
Cast 30 black or green spells 750
Cast 30 red or white spells 750
Cast 30 green or blue spells 750
Attack with 30 creatures 500
Cast 20 creature spells 500
Kill 15 of your opponent's creatures 500
Play 25 lands 500
Cast 20 white or blue spells 500
Cast 20 blue or black spells 500
Cast 20 black or red spells 500
Cast 20 red or green spells 500
Cast 20 green or white spells 500
Cast 20 white or black spells 500
Cast 20 blue or red spells 500
Cast 20 black or green spells 500
Cast 20 red or white spells 500
Cast 20 blue or green spells 500


Daily Quests

Daily rewards are another way to earn gold, every day your 15 first wins earns you a reward which is either cards or gold:

Wins Reward
1 250 gold + 25XP
2 100 gold + 25XP
3 100 gold + 25XP
4 100 gold + 25XP
5 Card + 25XP
6 50 gold + 25XP
7 Card + 25XP
8 50 gold + 25XP
9 Card + 25XP
10 50 gold + 25XP
11 Card
12 25 gold
13 Card
14 25 gold
15 Card



Get all free MTG Arena rewards: All MTG Arena Codes - Free packs and card styles

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