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MTG Arena Mastery Pass Detailed Guide

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By: andreliverod - 03 Sep 2019

A complete guide for the Mastery pass. Is it worth it? What are the rewards? Is it possible to reach level 100 from level x? This article covers all topics of the Mastery Pass.


What is the Mastery Pass?

MTG Arena has a seasonal leveling reward system that resets with each new set. It has two parts, the free track and the premium track called the Mastery Pass which you can buy access to. The free track gives you a booster pack for every other level you reach all the way up until level 72. Giving you a total of 36 boosters and 5 card styles. The mastery pass gives you access to additional reward for every level up until level 100 and also provides you with a pet.


Is the Mastery Pass worth it for 3.400 Gems?

The base Mastery Pass is 3.400 gems, you can also buy it for 5.400 which will start you at lvl10 "saving" you 500 gems. If this is worth it or not is a bit up to the individual person to decide.

You do not need to reach the maximum level to get value out of the Mastery Pass. It gives you extra rewards for every level you reach. Remember that you can wait with buying a Mastery Pass and just gain levels in the free track. Then if you purchase the Pass before the season end you will get all the rewards up to the level you reached. If you are on the fence about the mastery pass let me give you two easy references to go by:

If you reached the end of the Free track which is level 72, a Mastery Pass will give you:
1.400 gems, 7.500 gold, 14 boosters, 22 Orbs, 7 Mythic ICRs, 13 Card Styles, 5 Planeswalker cards

If you do not have time to play that much and only reached level 43, this is what you get:
800 gems, 4.000 gold, 9 boosters, 11 Orbs, 3  Mythic ICRs, 7 Card Styles, 3 Planeswalker cards

The only group that would not benefit from the rewards are Limited players that do not care about boosters, card styles, or pets. 

The Pet cat elemental you get in season 1, he has three forms depending on your level


How hard is it to reach level 100?

Reaching the maximum level is not hard, but it requires consistency in your play sessions. You can get away with a few sessions every week if you are smart about it. Here is what you need to know:

  • One level is 1000xp
  • You get 500xp per daily quest regardless if it is a 500g or 750g quest (Those that stacks to a maximum of three)
  • You get 250xp per weekly win (Maximum 15 each week)
  • A season lasts about a minimum of 12 weeks or 84 days, which means if you get all these rewards you will be at least level 87 with 87.000xp. 
  • There are an additional 15.000xp / 15 levels split between extra events and bonus codes: This article contains all known bonus codes

This means you basically have to get most of the rewards and not miss out on events and codes to reach level 100. If you are missing levels at the end of the season you can buy 1.000xp for 250gems.


How do I optimize for grinding to level 100?

First of all, keep an eye on the events that come out with XP rewards, we post articles every time with decklists and hints. Some of these events are very short-lived, not even spanning a full week. Also, bookmark this article to make sure you have all the codes when the end of the season approaches.

For the weekly grind, save up three quests. It can be a good idea to log in every day to rotate the 500g quests to have a chance of rolling 750g quests to optimize your gold rewards. Complete all three in one day and wait for another three days to accumulate new ones. This way you only need two or three play sessions each week to get all the daily quests and weekly wins.

 Have you gotten all the free bonus XP from the codes? Check out the full list here.

Can I reach level 100 from level x? And when does the Season end?

You have to look at how long it is until the next set is released and also make sure you have gathered all the free codes giving xp. Here are some key numbers:

  • Doing all quests and weekly wins nets you 7.250xp every week.
  • This is an average of about one level each day

The rest is just simply checking your current level and see if you can make it. Remember that just making it to level 70-80 gives you a lot of rewards. Also, you can wait with buying the Mastery Pass up until right before the next set to check what level you managed to reach(Kudos to you, I do not have that kind of patience).

The season ends when the next set hits MTG Arena and not when the next set officially releases! This is very important to note. This means that each season ends Thursdays right before the Prerelease weekend of a new set. As an example, Season 1 will end September 26th, right before the prerelease weekend of Throne of Eldraine. Note: When this happens all your dailies and weekly wins will be reset, so make sure to complete them as you get access to the new ones as soon as the swap happens. A nice bonus.


What happens when a new set releases and can I complete older Set Masteries? 

Currently, Wizards have no plans of making this available. If you miss out on a pet style or special sleeve, it is supposedly gone forever. When a new set is released on MTG Arena a new Set Mastery track becomes available and your level is reset to 0.

 Reach level 100 and get this beauty


What are the rewards for each level?

Here are all the rewards summarized together with the complete reward track for the first season so you can get an overview of how the payouts are. There might be adjustments to this in the future but overall this will give you a good general idea.

Base Track

  • 36 booster packs
  • 5 Set Mastery Orbs

Premium Track

  • The Elemental Cat, the Chandra, Flame’s Fury avatar, as Chandra Mastery Pass card sleeve
  • 20 booster packs
  • 2.000 Gems
  • 10.000 Gold
  • 20 Card Styles
  • 25 Set Mastery Orbs
  • 10 Random Mythic Rare Cards
  • 5 Planeswalker Cards from the Core Set 2020 Planeswalker Decks
  • Uncommon and Rare Pet visual upgrades.
  • Exquisite Card Sleeve (Card Sleeve with VFX)

Here is the complete reward track of the Mastery Pass for season 1, highlighted in yellow are the Premium rewards.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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Well, given that I've got more than 12K in gems, I'm sure I can buy my way to lvl 100 if I don't get there naturally. Thanks again!
@JVMerlino "Season 1 will end September 26th, right before the prerelease weekend of Throne of Eldraine. Note: When this happens all your dailies and weekly wins will be reset, so make sure to complete them as you get access to the new ones as soon as the swap happens. A nice bonus."
@andreliverod I guess missing BROUGHTBACK is the big difference. I'll be lvl 77 by the end of the week. But that means I need three more weeks before the Mastery set ends. Is that end date known? Honestly, I don't care about any of the rewards from lvls 81-99 - but that sleeve at 100 is nice.
@JVMerlino I am currently lvl 75. will be 80 at the end of the week. Leaving me with having to get 20 more levels before the next set which should be easy.
@Se7en2 - How can you possibly have already reached level 100? I started playing on day 1, haven't missed a single daily goal or weekly win, got all of the extra codes (except one - BROUGHTBACK), and I'm only at level 71.
@andreliverod Unfortunately, I figured that was the case. Thanks for the feedback, though.
@Se7en2 Nothing happens, unfortunately. No xp stacking or anything like that.
My question is from the opposite end of the spectrum: I already hit level 100, so what happens to all the XP I earn beyond level 100? Does it apply to the next Mastery Pass, or does it just disappear/no longer accumulate?
Thank you Captain! glad you liked it :)
I get this question so much on my stream, and the best I can usually answer is ... "I got it, and I like the daily rewards as a skinner-box incentive." Now, I'll be able to link this article and respond with some actual information. Awesome!

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