MTG Arena Is Coming To Steam

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Genoslugcs · May 7, 2023 · 1 min
MTG Arena Is Coming To Steam

There was a ton of MTG news and spoilers covered over the couse of the MagicCon Minneapolis Preview Panel video. We had Commander Masters spoilers, LOTR mechanics discussed, and got our first look at the Doctor Who commander precons. Overall, it was a large chunk of awesome news. And hidden right in the middle of all these flashy cards was a casual "MTG Arena is coming to Steam" announcment.

There isn't a ton of info about this as of now but it's happening and its happening soon! So, let's take a look at what WOTC had to say when they breifly mentioned it yesterday.


arena coming to steam

MTG On Steam

Steam is the largest PC game distributor in the world and on May 23rd, you'll be able to download, play, and make Arena purchases through Steam. You'll still have the same account as on other platforms (so you'll log into your Wizards acount just like normal with your regualr info) and you'll have all your decks, accessories, and rank.

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As of now, there aren't any Steam specific intergrations but according to the announcement, there are some in the works. So, keep your eyes out for those. As always, when new news drops, you'll find it here on Ather Hub. if you're looking for new platforms to play Arena on, or you're on Steam and notice Arena for the first time, give it a try.


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