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Getting comission payments from posting decks on the site!
By: andreliverod - 21 Apr 2019

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With Aetherhub, Content Creators have a unique opportunity to earn commission payments from TCGPlayer by posting decklists on the site. Youtube Content creators and Twitch Partners that use Aetherhub to post their decklists can get all sale referrals from users clicking buy on the cards in their decks or the decks themselves.

Get paid for posting decks

The value here is that you have the opportunity to earn some extra income on something that you would do anyway. As a Youtuber, you post decklists in your description for users to easily read, Twitch users use bots, overlay extensions or extension Panels to direct their users to their decklists. The more audience you have and views the deck gets, the higher up it will be put in our search engine for other users on Aetherhub to find. Earlier you had to be running an MTG Site like we are doing to get to be a TCG Player Partner, with this you can instead use Aetherhub as your platform. We are happy to share the revenue as thanks for bringing your audience to our site and TCGplayer is glad to pay a share of the sales commission to you for generating a sale. You can read more in detail about being a TCGPlayer Partner here.

Aetherhub has its own Deck Extensions, both a Panel and Overlay version.

If you already are a TCGPlayer partner we just need your ID. If you are an established Youtuber or Twitch Partner get in touch with an Admin on Discord or send an email via our Support Center and we will talk with TCGplayer for you and set this up. We are proud to be the first site to offer this kind of functionality.

Become an Aetherhub Content Creator

At the same time as offering TCG Player partnership setup, we also offer Content Creator status for Twitch Partners and Youtube Content Creators. This is a unique role that leverages our platform to make you even more discoverable on our site. We have gone from the concept of a Front Page to a customizable Home feed where our users, when logged in, get a personalized feed. Content creators will have access to everyone's home feed when posting videos, decks, or writeups giving them more visibility. In addition, when streaming, the top 5 content creators will be displayed in the home feed. You also get access to the article system and get extra visibility on the site. More information about the Content Creator status can be found here.

Build a reputation on Aetherhub

There is no need to be an established Content Creator to gain a following. We recently made embedding videos in decks available for everyone as we finished our Youtube Tools and there is a whole section dedicated to Videos. In addition, we have also completed a new section dedicated to Deck Writeups! All decks containing writeups can be found here all sorted by formats. While users with the content creator status get access to the front page people are still using these section to browse for new decks. With our newly made following and notification system borrowed from social media, it is easy to get updates on whatever your preferred format is and establish yourself as a go-to resource for other users. 

While using the website as a tool to post decklists you use on other websites like Twitch and Youtube for users to read the website also works the other way, it helps to grow your external channels too as people on Aetherhub discovers your other channels. Be sure to add your external channels on your profile and also add a small profile description that will pop up on all your decks and in your public profile. 

By leveraging the access to the article system you can also reach out to our users by posting interesting articles, promoting events or commenting the latest news in the MTG community.

Earn micro-sponsorships and join a hosting network with Team Aether

Recently we launched our Twitch Team; Team Aether. Joinable by all Twitch Affiliates it offers a micro-sponsorship setup with QuestMode enables you to engage your viewers with game quests, they work together with a number of sponsors that offer quests your viewers can go on. Completing different tasks within games to earn rewards that goes to you and they also earn points for doing so and can support you in a non-monetary way. Being part of the team also makes you eligible for Aetherhub Sponsoring, which is something we have been doing for a while with streamers. You are also required to turn on Team Hosting to host other members of the team while you are not streaming, helping each other out is the way to grow your channel. Read more about Team Aether here.

Running Tourneys with your viewers

Our tournament tools are made for easy administration and especially for streamers to host and run Tourneys live while playing. Multiple streamers are already taking advantage of this and we want to promote tournaments like this either by announcing them in our social channels or providing sponsorship while they are running. We have provided an easy guide to get started with the tourney system here.






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If you prefer to buy functions separately you can do so by purchasing NRG tokens.

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