Eon Mirus fundraise Tournament

MTGA Events Pauper 
By: Aeny - 29 Dec 2020

Format : Pauper (Common cards only)

Mode : Swiss BO3

Reg. End Date : 8th January 2021

Start Date : 9th January 2021, 20:30GMT

Entry fee : Through donation on gofundme

 Prizes : 1st place - 500 aether points + 1 zendikar pre-release code + 1 promo pack code

2nd place - 400 aether points + 1 zendikar pre-release code + 1 promo pack code

3rd place - 300 aether points + 1 zendikar pre-release code + 1 promo pack code

top 32 - zendikar pre-release code top

64 - promo pack code *Deck submission not needed


registration here



Eon was self-employed at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and due to being high risk had to leave his job. Instead, he decided to start streaming Magic on Twitch and try to start a career as a content creator.

His wife Mrs. Eon works at a surgeon’s office and through the beginnings of the crisis stayed at her job as she was deemed an essential worker. Unfortunately, Mrs. Eon becomes ill and in September had a small stroke affecting her right hand and later checkups found an infectious growth had formed on a heart valve she had replaced 6 years ago after years of ongoing other health issues.

The mass was considered critical to her health and the decision was made to remove and replace the valve again but now with a mechanical valve. The surgery was successful, and she ended up with a pacemaker along with the valve. However, after weeks of rest, she was still not able to exert herself without losing her breath completely. Further tests showed that she has leakage from her heart and is now at Boston General Hospital in hopes they can fix it with another surgery.
The length of absence from her job means that on December 31st she will lose her benefits and job because of these health problems. As of now, Eon cannot even be with his wife due to COVID-19 restrictions at hospitals. Mr. and Mrs. Eon have been struggling all year, like many others, and he has been trying to build a new career while Mrs. Eon has been out of work since September. The bills are quickly adding up. They have no savings or other financial support. As with any dire monetary predicament, they are worried about foreclosure, repossession of vehicles, and paying monthly bills on top of the growing medical expenses. They are trying to stay positive and try to live day by day in the hopes that miracles will come their way. You can see Eon on Twitch most mornings at 7 AM eastern time playing MTG and chatting with his followers.

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