A New Deck Idea For Boros Combos

Arena Standard Deck 
By: Renegatin - 21 Jul 2019


The basic concept of the deck is to get out Glint-Horn Buccaneerimage on turn three. On turn two you have Shockimage for prime targets and Chandra's Regulatorimage for discard and draw, you can also use flame of the keld for a Chandra on turn 4 which can be very scary! Idealy turn one you can get out a bag of holding which is super effective late game to finish opponents. Using gideon for his lifelink is a great way to burn and heal with Glint-Horn dealing massive damage and gaining Tons of health.

This deck just flows together so well! Whenever you discard you deal damage and gain life then that card you discarded goes back into your pocket to use later. If you're scared of mono black discards just use another bag of holding. For this deck Bag of Holding is absolutely insain, you discard your hand, fill your hand then cast your deck from exile all while dealing damage to your opponents.


Having the ability to wipe a field without any casualties on your end is a win win situation. Deafening Clarionimage and Solar Blazeimage can just destroy most aggro decks early and slow them down for you to set up, they are the control part of this deck. Clarion also gives Glint-Horn lifelink that you can gain a little extra with your next attack. Solar Blaze is good to have if 3 damage just isn't enough. Justice Strikeimage, Lava Coilimage, and Path of Mettle // Metzali, Tower of Triumphimage might be good substitutes or sideboards.


Chandra, Awakened Infernoimage

Now we talk about Chandra... Shes looks super expensive and you might think that she isn't good enough for you, but i assure you she will just win you the game.

So the idea is to get out Chandra's Regulator turn 2 for drawing and damage here and there, but when Chandra comes out thats where these cards get stupid good. Being able to use Chandra's +2 ability twice for only one extra mana is kinda broke especilly because it creates emblems that cant be removed. Not to overlook that she can't be countered either so paying 6 mana has never felt saver then now.

Her -3 is a board wipe as well that still doesn't kill Glint-Horn and just like Deafening Clarion can just shut out opponents.

then the infamous -X, to remove any unwanted guests that are just too big for all the other removal spells or any planeswalkers that try to rival her.



As good as the deck flows on its own there are some down sides that come with it, im looking at you removal...

1) Glint horn is just a creature and can be killed, exiled, slaughtered,or just fall asleep... just like all the rest so keeping him alive is the hardest part with spells like murder or walk the plank.

2) Narset... the destroyer of fun, even though you can still cast and discard Narset says no to having a full hand which can just destroy this deck.

3)Enchantments like Ixilans Binding can just end the deck because of how important Glint-Horn is.


let me know what you all think about this deck, what you think will make it better or a more compettative deck.

FYI,This is still in a testing phase.

Disco Burn (updated 7/23)

Main 60 cards (18 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (21)
Planeswalker (5)
Creature (12)
Land (22)
Side 10 cards (4 distinct)
Maybeboard 3 cards (1 distinct)


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ive been working with with this after i posted it and added Neheb and he does help out a lot
I'm curious as to why you excluded Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion out of this. The synergies between the other three creatures not only nets you red mana until end of turn, you'll be able to cast whatever you draw from Cavalier of Flame and/or Dragon Mage.
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