Rienne, Angel of Rebirth
5 months ago
Rakdos Aristicrats w/ Sideboard Guide
Arena Standard
7 months ago
Sideboard Guide Jeskai Fires  In 4 Dreadhorde Butcher 3 Drill Bit Out 3 Claim the Firstborn 4 Priest of the Forgotten Gods How to Play This Matchup Rating 70/30 in your favor This matchup is pretty easy to play on the play or draw. Just know when to play down your threats. You want to get in as...

Brew of the Week - Jeskai SuperHeros
Arena Standard Brews 

Want to master Jeskai Superheroes? We get into the details on how to play and sideboard against the other decks in the meta.
11 months ago


Just a person trying hard to make good decks for you to win. 

I stream almost every day at 7 pm eastern standard time

My discord is where you can see updates, know when I post a video and have a nice community. 


My twitch channel is here


Have a great day!