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Brew of the Week - Jeskai SuperHeros

Arena Standard Brews 
By: jacksonh630 - 28 Jul 2019

We will take look at two different types of Jeskai Superheroes and how to play them in this article




Some differences are between these two decks. So let's get into it. One change right off the bat will be

Difference #1

image instead of image

The reason being is if they somehow deal with your walkers like in esper and mass manipulation you want walkers that do something. Kasmina does something like draw you cards and makes your walkers harder to target with future mass manipulations and elderspells. Also, Saheeli was mostly a dead draw and only created cheap dorks.

Difference #2

image Instead of image

The reason is in the 2 mana side of the card a tap a creature that is going to attack anyway is just about the same as a put a creature on top of the opponent's library. But also the tap a flyer on the opponent's side of the board to swing in for 4 extra damage might just win you the game, I can't tell you how many times an opponent thought they were safe when they slam down just one krasis or a Cavelier of Thorns to block a walker. But you get to draw a card and that alone sets it apart from warrant, the score 1-0 Depose // Deploy. The warden and the depose side is the real one. The instant speed of it makes it way better at pressuring walkers like big Teferi when he downticks your Sarkhan or another walker. The addition of the gain 2 life makes it above the top as the mono-red player has to waste a burn spell on you and your 2 blockers.

Difference #3

+2 image And +2  image

Instead of 

-4 image

This is interesting but I have a reason. Shock is a great removal spell for one mana killing -3 Teferis, mana dorks, and Risen Reefimage. The Justice strikes proved to be exceptional in killing Hydroid Krasisimage, Rotting Regisaurimage, Ghalta, Primal Hungerimage, Regisaur Alphaimage, Omnath, Locus of the Roilimage at any point, and much more. Pair them together and you have a wombo combo killing Cavalier of Thornsimage, God-Eternal Kefnetimage, and Voracious Hydraimage. Lightning strike was good but not as good as these cards. 

Difference #4

+2 image Instead of  -1 image -1 image

This deck choice might raise some eyebrows but give me a chance to explain myself, again. In most matches Mox Amberimage was subpar, in other words, it was good, not great. Since Saheeli, Sublime Artificerimage is out of the deck mox amber just got worse. likewise, we have single spot removal like Justice Strikeimage and Shockimage to deal with threats. In addition, clarion gets taken out in control matchups so it is a dead draw in those. Some might say, "But Jackson, the Justice Strikeimage and the Response // Resurgenceimage will be dead draws with clarion so that is 7 dead draws instead of 4." To that I say you can use the Resurgence side of the card and yes you are right about the Justice Strikeimage and Deafening Clarionimage being dead draws but that is a risk that you have to take. 


SideBoard Guide for Jeskai Superheros V2


Esper Control // Esper Walkers


+4 image +2 image +1 image


-3 image -2 image -2 image

Game one they have the advantage because of your dead draws but if you out grind them you will win.


Esper Hero


+1 image +3 image +4 image +2 image


-3 image -2 image -2 image

-2 image  -1 image

This is the same gameplan as Esper Control but you have nova to deal with either the swarm of creatures or the enchantments. 




+1 image +4 image +3 image

+1 image +2 image


-3 image -2 image -1 Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin

-2 image -2 image

This is the matchup that you are going to face the most and I beat this deck 70% of the time because of all the board sweeps and the resurgence finisher at the end just ends them. Justice Strikeimage takes care of their Hydroid Krasisimage and then you just aggressively smash them. You should never minus sarkhan and never go below 8 - 10 life. 


Temur Elementals


+1 image +3 image

+2 image +2 image


-2 image -1 image -2 image

-1 image -2 image

A good matchup for you the board wipes help you control.Lyra Dawnbringerimage and Aether Hubimage can help you stall. Chandra, Awakened Infernoimage does nothing in this matchup as well as Teferi, Hero of Dominariaimage. Narset, Parter of Veilsimage doesn't do that much and Shockimage doesn't kill enough. Finally Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin is just too slow.


Orzhov Vampires


+2 image +3 image +1 image


-3 image -1 image -2 image

Probably your hardest match up and for good reason. The Adanto Vanguardimage Can just keep making itself indestructible and you can't do anything about it. Kasmina gets taken out because they don't target your stuff with spells and a 2/2 blocker isn't gonna do much. The board wipes are insane in this matchup and the Lyra Dawnbringerimage is the icing on the cake unless they have despark then it's bad. Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin and Optimage are just too slow. 


Simic Nexus


+1 image +3 image +4 image


-1 image -4 image -2 image

-1 image

Chandra, Awakened Infernoimage is the best card in this matchup as every time they take a turn they lose 1 life. The Cleansing Novaimage and the Dovin's Vetoimage counters their Wilderness Reclamationimage. That is about it slam Chandra you win.


Boros // Naya Feather


+3 image +2 image +2 image


-2 image -1 image -2 image

-2 image

This matchup is 50/50. You want the board wipes and the Lyra for the blockers and life. Chandra, Awakened Infernoimage, Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin, Optimage are too slow and don't do much in this matchup. And Shockimage Does nothing.


Mono-Red Aggro


+2 image +1 image


-2 image -1 image

This matchup is very good for you. Lyra Dawnbringerimage and Deafening Clarionimage shuts them down. Also Chandra, Awakened Infernoimage and Teferi, Hero of Dominariaimage are way to slow. 


Bad Matchups

There are some bad matchups that I am still trying to figure out the sideboard plan for the decks below.


Simic Flash

In simic flash, they eat you up for breakfast. That is just the fact you literally can't beat them because of the counter magic that they play and you play one spell a turn almost all game long so they counter that spell and you are dead

Jund Dinosaurs

In jund dinosaurs, they will kill you before you get your cleansing nova mana up and you can't deal with that.


Wrap Up

I have played this deck in FNM and up to top 1000 mythic. This is one of my better decks and I hope you can win with the deck and that is my deck tech of the week. 


About jacksonh630:

Just a person trying hard to make good decks for you to win. 

I stream almost every day at 7 pm eastern standard time

My discord is where you can see updates, know when I post a video and have a nice community. 


My twitch channel is here


Have a great day!


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