So you want to be a Content Creator? Here's some tips.
Content Creator Youtube 

20 Mar by TitanSmashMTG

Thinking of becoming a Content Creator? Here's my quick list of tips to help you get started!

Lets Figure Out Simic Ramp
Arena Standard Standard 

11 Jan by TitanSmashMTG

Simic Ramp gets a lot of new toys in Theros Beyond Death. Let's test!

My Top Ten cards so far in Theros: Beyond Death
Arena Standard Spoilers 

05 Jan by TitanSmashMTG

Today I we look at what cards stand out to me in the first half of spoilers

Field of the Dead Banned means THIS deck could shine?
Decklists News 

22 Oct by TitanSmashMTG

Field of the Dead is banned, which means a new meta shall come...

The meanest deck I've played in ELD Standard
Arena Standard Content Creator 

01 Oct by TitanSmashMTG

With many new decks in ELD standard, one has stood out. Meet Rakdos Aggro.


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