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So you want to be a Content Creator? Here's some tips.

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By: Titansfan920 - 20 Mar 2020
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So you want to be a Content Creator huh? Perhaps you're an experienced player who has a wealth of knowledge and you think this is a way you can get the word out about what you do and help people become better. Maybe you're new to the game of Magic, and you want to be able to document your ascension from some low-level noob to a Mythic master.  Content Creation lets you do just that. You can get your name out there, show the world what you're about, and challenge yourself in ways that you previously could not. I can say firsthand that being a content creator is a blast. I have a Youtube channel where I showcase different Pioneer and Standard decks in standard. While I'm not a "big" creator compared to many out there, I have learned a lot along the way that I feel I could pass on. Lets begin with some basic thoughts and tips.

1. Consistent Content Creation is hard. Regardless of your schedule or how often you plan to record or stream, finding the time of day to do so when you have other things in life occupying your time can be difficult. For me, I have a steady job in IT, I have a girlfriend, and friends who I try to manage time with all of them, as well as find time to make videos. While you start to fall into a groove over time as you being your creation journey, I found the work/life/creation balance to be hard at first. Don't lose hope if it seems difficult at first. Maybe you need to narrow down how often you're making content. Perhaps you need to take it easier on yourself to avoid burnout. Just know up front that this is not something that's easy. But like most things with struggle, the reward can be worth all the work you put in to it.

2. Not everyone is going to like you or what you do. I can't tell you how many times I've spend hours making a video, writing an article about it, and going above and beyond to provide high detail analysis on what I did just to have some random internet lad tell me that myself and my deck are garbage. The internet isn't always a nice place. But for every bad-day troll out there, there's people who love and appreciate your work, and that really does a lot to make it all worthwhile. Don't let someone with a negative opinion of you give you a negative opinion of yourself. Do your thing, put your heart into it, and people will notice. Consistency is key. 

3.The growth isn't going to happen overnight. I wish there was an easy button to hitting your goals with this stuff but the truth of the matter is that it doesn't happen. You have to push through though if this is something you want to do. For instance, a year ago when I was starting with all of this, I was making videos that I could check a week later and I'd have 30, maybe 50 views on if I was lucky. It could be discouraging to put all that work in for no one to notice. But I kept at it. I'm a bit above 800 subscribers now, and defintiely eclipse the 50 view mark of old. It takes time, but it does happen.

4. Catch the eye. This applies stictly to Youtube, but your thumbnails are key. Think of when you're browsing Youtube looking for content. Before you have any idea who a creator is, the thumbnail is what's goign to catch the eye. One thing I do, (and by I, my very talented friend) is put my face in place of a card on most of my thumbnails. I want someone to look and say "what on earth is this?" From there, it's on my content to keep them around. Getting them TO your content is step one though. Look at the thumbnails on my channel for instance.. they're WEIRD but they stand out. Grab the attention however you see fit!

5. Put yourself out there. You can't expect growth without putting in the work. Reach out to people, talk on social media, do what you can to get your name out there and have people check you out. Youtube, Twitch, and other sites can make it difficult to break into the creator world when you're a small name. Don't let that stop you. Everyone starts from the bottom. I never used Twitter before doing all of this. Now I know many people that I've never seen in my life but I feel like they're friends I've known for years. And the beauty of it is they do the same thing you do, and look to see you succeed just as much as you do them. Grow your fanbase, grow your creator family, and soon enough you'll see your channel follow.


Content Creation is so much work, but so much fun, and if you're teetering on the edge of deciding whether to do it or not, just take the dive. Try it. If you like it, you'll be rewarding with something fresh, challenging, and new. If not, you can always still watch your favorite creators. No shame in that. Keep an even head and don't let the success go to your head, and don't let a bad comment or a lost subscriber bring you down. Keep up with the grind and your efforts will pay off. 

I'm happy to answer any more specific questions if you have any. Until then, feel free to follow me on social media with the links below. Thanks for your time, and I'll see you slingin' some spells ya rascals!

Twitter - Twitter.com/Titansfan920 

Facebook - Facebook.com/Titansfan920MTG

Instagram - Instagram.com/Titansfan920MTG

About Titansfan920:

My name is Daniel Parris, otherwise known as Titansfan920, and I am a content creator that enjoys playing Magic the Gathering and upload various standard decks on my Youtube Channel


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Good to know, thanks.
Absolutely. I'm easiest to reach on youtube or twitter, a lot of times I miss the notifications on here just fyi!
I'm just starting out myself. Long story, but I'm a 26 year magic veteren and feel I have a lot to offer people while I work on getting competitive again. I will hit you up when I have some questions. I know I'm going to need some help with video and twitch stuff. One thing at a time though. First I need a new laptop.

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