Historic - Mono Green Elfs

5.77% of meta 0.02% change over the past week
Main 60 cards (16 distinct)
Creature (39)
Land (21)

Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
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  • Meta deck card breakdown - 35 decks, 5.77% of meta

    Disciple of Freyalise 1x in 0%
    Priest of Titania 1x in 0%
    Gala Greeters 1x in 0%
    Skyshroud Lookout 1x in 0%
    Wirewood Symbiote 1x in 0%
    Jaspera Sentinel 1x in 0%
    Dwynen's Elite 1x in 0%
    Llanowar Visionary 1x in 0%
    Paradise Druid 1x in 0%
    A-Canopy Tactician 1x in 0%
    Lys Alana Huntmaster 1x in 0%
    Elvish Clancaller 1x in 3%
    Emrakul, the World Anew 1x in 3%
    Eladamri, Korvecdal 1x in 3%
    Zopandrel, Hunger Dominus 1x in 3%
    Surrak and Goreclaw 1x in 3%
    Llanowar Scout 1x in 3%
    Varis, Silverymoon Ranger 1x in 3%
    Hooded Hydra 1x in 3%
    Steel Leaf Champion 1x in 3%
    Llanowar Tribe 1x in 3%
    Tajuru Blightblade 1x in 3%
    Woodland Mystic 1x in 3%
    Elvish Visionary 2x in 3%
    Fierce Empath 1x in 6%
    Beast Whisperer 1x in 6%
    Imperious Perfect 1x in 6%
    Realmwalker 1x in 6%
    Wildborn Preserver 1x in 6%
    Leaf-Crowned Visionary 3x in 11%
    Circle of Dreams Druid 2x in 29%
    Marwyn, the Nurturer 2x in 31%
    Craterhoof Behemoth 2x in 69%
    Allosaurus Shepherd 2x in 71%
    Elvish Warmaster 4x in 77%
    Llanowar Elves 4x in 89%
    Elvish Mystic 4x in 89%
    Elvish Archdruid 4x in 94%
  • Instant, Sorcery
    Chord of Calling 1x in 0%
    Blizzard Brawl 1x in 0%
    Heroic Intervention 1x in 0%
    Prey Upon 1x in 0%
    Turntimber Symbiosis 1x in 3%
    Elven Ambush 1x in 3%
    Broken Wings 1x in 3%
    Root Snare 1x in 3%
    Primal Might 1x in 3%
    Gaea's Blessing 1x in 3%
    Might of the Masses 1x in 3%
    Eldritch Evolution 1x in 3%
    Collected Company 2x in 9%
    Marwyn's Kindred 1x in 26%
  • Enchantment, Artifact
    Paradox Engine 1x in 0%
    Maskwood Nexus 1x in 3%
    Leyline of Abundance 1x in 3%
    The Great Henge 1x in 3%
    Mirror Box 1x in 3%
    Akroma's Memorial 1x in 3%
    The Immortal Sun 1x in 3%
    Forsaken Monument 1x in 3%
    Virtue of Strength 1x in 6%
    Tribute to the World Tree 1x in 6%
    Growing Rites of Itlimoc 1x in 11%
  • Planeswalkers
    Nissa, Ascended Animist 1x in 3%
    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon 1x in 3%
    Freyalise, Skyshroud Partisan 1x in 6%
    A-Tyvar Kell 1x in 9%
  • Lands
    Gate to Manorborn 1x in 0%
    Snow-Covered Forest 1x in 0%
    The Shire 1x in 3%
    Field of Ruin 1x in 3%
    Faceless Haven 1x in 3%
    Castle Garenbrig 1x in 6%
    Cavern of Souls 1x in 6%
    Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx 1x in 11%
    Boseiju, Who Endures 1x in 34%
  • Sideboard
    Chance-Met Elves 1x in 0%
    Snakeskin Veil 1x in 0%
    Reclamation Sage 1x in 0%
    Primal Might 1x in 0%
    Ancient Imperiosaur 1x in 0%
    Scavenging Ooze 1x in 0%
    Back to Nature 1x in 0%
    Shifting Ceratops 1x in 0%
    Root Snare 1x in 0%
    Glorious Sunrise 1x in 3%
    A-Llanowar Loamspeaker 1x in 3%
    Storm the Seedcore 1x in 3%
    Nissa, Resurgent Animist 1x in 3%
    Blanchwood Armor 1x in 3%
    Galadriel, Gift-Giver 1x in 3%
    Nylea's Forerunner 1x in 3%
    Defiler of Vigor 1x in 3%
    Heroic Intervention 1x in 3%
    Elder Gargaroth 1x in 3%
    Grafdigger's Cage 1x in 3%
    Run Afoul 1x in 3%

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