Other - Mono-Black-Vittles (Gladiator)

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So this deck was made for the Super-Singleton Bo1 format, for use in gladiator, just switch out the [[Field of Ruin]] for a basic swamp. 

I made this deck because I couldn't decide if I wanted to build a Mono Black Control deck or an Aggro deck, so I split the difference and built a deck that has everything I feel like Black is about. 

There are no planeswalkers because I don't like them, and they don't excite me when I play them, you will likely find more success with this deck if you decide to run [[Liliana, Dreadhorde General]] as well as the 4 mana lilly. 

That being said, the list runs really well, currently I'm 7-1 in the best of 1 queue. 

General strategy is very dependent on the deck you're facing, but you'll win quite often if you always keep the win in mind. This deck is very capable of beating any archetype of deck, as long as you're making decisions with the endgame in mind. 


RDW: take trades constantly, you will outlast them, what matters in this matchup is preserving your life total, so honestly, make borderline terrible trades, you have basically limitless resources because you get to use your graveyard as a draw pile, run them out of a hand and you should be fine. 

Control: You can run into a lot of trouble here, try to deploy your threats with as much resilliance as you can, if you have to take the pressure off to resolve cards in an order that better sets up a board that can survive or punish them for casting a board wipe, do it. Do try to put the pressure on turns 2-4, but make sure that when they want to be boardwiping, they have to be couinterspelling, and then utilize the recursion in your deck to punish them. [[Omen of the Dead]], [[Lurrus of the Dream-Den]] and cards like it are very good at allowing you to repeatedly cast spells that "must be answered" until your opponent runs out of answers. 
The secret tech in this matchup is [[Phyrexian Reclamation]], basically blanking their counterspells by paying extra mana and a few life. 

Midrange: Usually these decks will build a board that is very hard to get through, so try to lean on cards like [[Bastion of Remembrance]] and other effects like it to go over them. Punish them for playing mana dorks by getting in a few points early, underneath their 4-5 drops, and then focus on grinding them out with ETB/LTB triggers, you're unlikely to clear their board. Use removal liberally if it will net you damage, otherwise only use it to stop them from killing you/developing an engine. Do not be afraid to durdle for a few turns and present lethal, obviously you might die to Hoof... but everything can die to hoof. 


(Also, it's called "Mono-Black-Vittles" because it nourishes me while nourishing itself on a combination of its own creatures, the creatures of others, as well as the life total of itself and others. The deck eats until someone is dead, as Black should. For me, this deck is food for the soul ^_^)


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Last Updated: 09 Aug 2020
Created: 09 Aug 2020
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Mainboard - 100 cards (67 distinct)

Creature (41)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (39)

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