Arena Standard - Wolfbeats- Opt Day1 NPE Zero Wildcard

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First off, for those that don't know. This list is built for Day-1 Players. I believe it is the best version you can build using only your New Player Experience collection, and preserving your wildcards for later use. This deck is pretty perfect, as NPE goes. It really requires, or has room for much upgrade.

Cards which are here for budget consideration, and represnt little in the way or wolf centered synergy, should be cut as better options become available. [[Atsushi, the Blazing Sky]] and [[Professional Face-Breaker]] most notibly come to mind. [[Flameblade Brigand]], [[Burly Breaker]], and [[Village Watch]] are all very high up the curve for a deck which wants to be so aggressive, though they make good targets for [[Howlpack Piper]] which should be cut once all the high mana targets have been cut. This trend will also make [[Weaver of Blossoms]] less valuable, with fewer top end cards to accelerate into. I would consider going to just 2 copies of [[Child of the Pack]] once your curve gets really aggressive, to avoid drawing multiple copies of card which has become a late game finisher.

{{Packsong Pup}}{{Kessig Naturalist}}{{Unnatural Moonrise}}

These three cards are the most likely upgrades for this deck, as it really wants to run 4 copies of each. These are best acquired through Quick Drafting of the Innistrad sets.

{{Tovolar, Dire Overlord}}{{Arlinn, the Pack's Hope}}{{Reckless Stormseeker}}

               2-3 copies                             1-2 copies                        upto 4 copies

These three represnt the obviose tripbal upgrades for the deck. Keep in mind Legondary cards are slightly less valuable as you draw additional copies, and Arlins place on the curve can be tricky for a card which may not win you the game when played.

{{Halana and Alena, Partners}}

While this lacks the underlying Tribal Wolf Synergy which really makes this deck come together, its raw power makes it a welcome inclusion for this deck. It shares the same space in the Mana curve as Arlinn, but is much more likely to finish the game the turn it enters the battlefield.

[[Rockfall Vale]] is the best dual land upgrade for this deck, though the pain land equivilant will work just as well in most cases, the excpetion being paired against an agro deck where those few self imposed damage may make the difference. [[Racer's Ring]] becomes less valuable for card draw as the deck evolves into a meaner low curve agro deck, and it's tempo loss as an early land play becomes more of a hindrance.

For those looking to port this deck over into Alchemy, [[Tenacious Pup]] becomes an absolute must include. This will most likely shift the deck to more of a Green build, and the mana base should be adjusted accordingly. You would do well to lesson the impact of tempo lands in this version of the build, as turn 1 pup, does so much for the deck





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Last Updated: 26 Oct 2022
Created: 19 Jul 2022
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