Arena Standard - Oil'em Up

10 27 0 24
Aggro Midrange
Main 61 cards (14 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (27)
Creature (10)
Land (24)

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Oil'em Up

This is a deck about burning that midnight oil! Burn, Oil, and Saga's to become All Will Be One! Go Pyrexia!

This deck is about getting them oil counters out, and attack, attack, ATTACK!

Fast Assault Plan: 

The nice thing about the Exuberant Fuseling] is that they will trigger the [[All Will Be One whenever you sack an artifact, or when other creatures you control die, plus they trample and get big, but are a glass cannon. 

The Artifact Package: 

  • Furnace Skullbombimage - Draw Card, add oil to other cards, trigger Fuseling and All Will Be One, and make chump blockers.
  • Churning Reservoirimage - Add Oil to any other Non-token Creature or Artifact, to help get oil where it is needed.  
  • Urabrask's Forgeimage - Key Card, This card make trampling elementals for the oil on it, place extra oil here for sure. 
  • Urabrask's Anointerimage - Creature Artifact, will do direct damage to any target for all different cards you have with oil. 

The key with the artifacts is to use the SkullBomb and Churning Reservoir to get the oil on the Urabrask's while triggering other affects, plus triggers the All Will Be One. A nice synergy is the Axiom Engraverimage loot abilty will trigger the Churning Reservoirimage ability, to allow you to spend 2 mana to create a 1/1 blocker. So loot and protect, seems like a goblin police officer motto. Charging up the Urabrask's Forge will just let you pump out big tramplers. Another nice synergy is the Fable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-Jikiimage with the Urabrask's Anointerimage, making tokens that shoot any target, nice. 

The Burn Package: 

  • Play with Fireimage x1 - help scry if necessary or kill that quick 1/1 toxic chump
  • Lightning Strikeimage x4 - standard red fast burn. 
  • Abradeimage x3 - good anti-artifact and creature protection

 This removal is suplemented with All Will Be Oneimage later, and the Urabrask's Anointerimage. Pretty standard for Red. 

The Bombs

The Support: 

The Axiom, Fable, and Skullbomb are my fixing with a small amount of draw. The Kuldotha Cacklerimage I'm not completely sold on the Magmantic Sprinter might be better in this spot, and or Curse of Hospitalityimage

If any of you find that you have good improvements be sure to drop a comment and let me know! I would love to see how you all might make it better!

 If you would like to see a faster more agro version of this deck check out Rumpley MTG's version of my deck. 

Rumpley's Version of Oil'em Up


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Last Updated: 21 Feb 2023
Created: 15 Feb 2023
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