Arena Standard - Golgari Constellation V1.11

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Midrange Jank
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V1.11: Very minor changes, but cut 1 [[aphemia, the cacophony]] and 1 [[destiny spinner]] for 2 copies of [[Mogis's Favor]]. It really helps against mono white and mono black to kill their early drops. Can force decks to sack [[Cauldron familiar]] at bad times, and can give you some extra damage against control decks while getting you extra triggers on [[hateful eidolon]] and [[setessan champion]]. The YT video also now reflects the new changes in the deck. Check it out! I manage to get 4 dread presence triggers in one turn XD


V1.1 Added [[dread presence]] for extra removal and card draw, and [[destiny spinner]] to help against the surprisingly still present flash decks. The activated ability has also won me many stalled games =P


When this deck gets any sort of board presence going, it quickly becomes pretty unstoppable. The biggest weakness is it's lackluster removal, so that's what my next round of testing will try to fix. Here's the thoughts so far:

When your 1 drop, 2 drop ([[Aphemia, the cacophony]]), and all 3 drops and 4 drops are engine pieces that must be answered, you got some powerful potential. Here's the engine cards that probably need to form the core of the deck:


-[[hateful eidoolon]] is extremely important for curve considerations, being the cheapest enchantment to topdeck, and also makes all your removal spells draw you a card. For 1 mana investment, it's got a lot of value attatched.

[[Aphemia, the cacophony]] This card at it's usual worst is 4/3 worth of stats across two bodies (one of them with FLYING) for 2 mana, and triggers all your enchantment engines. This card has always overperformed and helps stabalize against aggro decks or pressure control decks. It can casually make 5-6 zombies in a game for only 2 mana. It's even fine in multiples despite being legendary since you can just cash in the one in your hand for an extra zombie if you need to. This card rocks.

-[[Nessian Wanderer]] is so important to help hit your land drops. If you miss a land drop before like turn 6, you feel sooo bad. Also curving this into a turn 3 Dryad feel sooo dirty, allowing you to make 2 land drops a turn while adding to the board.

-[[Setessan Champion]] is the best engine that also adds a board presence. Good for obvious reasons in a deck like this

-[[Dryad of the Ilysian Grove]] Helps you ramp and is also an enchantment that triggers off of your other enablers. Waaaay better than I thought it'd be. Definitely need at least 3

-[[Dread presence]] is actually more experimental, but surprisingly good. Might not make it to the final version of the deck, but it works pretty well in a 2 color deck, with 11 swamps to trigger it, and then [[Dryad of the Ilysian Grove]] turns EVERYTHING INTO A SWAMP, AND LET'S YOU MAKE TWO LAND DROPS! it feels so good to get double triggers off of a fabled passage... I hope it's good enought to stay just for how fun it is lol. Alos helps as some much needed removal, and allows you to get through the land-floods for more enchantment pay-offs. It also effectively turns every [[Nessian Wanderer]] trigger into an actual card or mini-[[lightning Helix]], which feels sooooo good.


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That is so awesome to hear @simowilkins! Thanks so much for sharing, that made my day! And yeah, the abzan one definitely needs some work too, but for sure going off with dread presence with multiple land drops and drawing cards while killing your opponent's creatures is one of the best feelings in magic lol. Although I did get to ultimate Calix in the abzan version a couple times, managed to remove all lands from my deck with nessian wanderers from the ETB triggers XD
Imported this just now. I hesitated to craft some of the rares, but I'm glad I went for it. I think it may be more fun to go off with this than with the Azban version. I really like the Dread Presence. It took me way longer into my first game than I'd care to admit before I realized the combo with the Dryad.
Yeah, I have no clue why that is. If I remove even just mire's grasp when trying to export it I still get an error for some random other card. I think it's some issue on Aetherhub's end. A few days ago Aphemia caused the error, but it works now, so hopefully the new error will be fixed soon...
The Export to Arena has an error in it: "The input string contains an unfound non-premium card title with expansion code: Mire's Grasp (THB)"
Last Updated: 22 Jan 2020
Created: 11 Jan 2020
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