Arena Standard - Not Bogles (Bant)

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Midrange Jank

In the second deck requested by Chris we have a juicy, juicy, callback to a modern deck that featured [[Slippery Bogle]]. This deck, just like Bogles, features a low cost hexproof creature that you buff up into a huge threat. The deck is high risk and high reward, it can absolutely roll over your opponent but will also get trashed whenever you miss vital draws.
Lets start with the star of the show, while it may not be a bogle [[Paradise Druid]] is a cheap hexproof creature that is just a vigilance cast away from becoming an absolute powerhouse. Even before vigilance [[Paradise Druid]] is still very difficult to deal with. As you play the deck you'll get a feeling for when it is safe to tap the druid, to attack or for mana, but as a general rule of thumb it is always OK when the opponent is tapped out. 
[[Starfield Mystic]] is a duel threat, it reduces the cost of enchantments and it gives you some value if your opponent destroys your auras. [[Starfield Mystic]] acts as a secondary threat and against aggro decks (like mono red) you can buff it up because they rarely run hard removal.
As I stated in other decklists [[Drawn from Dreams]] is a very good card in blue decks because it gives you two cards for one and you get to choose what cards you want out of the top seven of your deck. In most situations this is preferable to a card that just says draw because it gives you a choice, and that is a core fundamental of magic. Plus with [[Narset, Parter of Veils]] being run in almost all other blue decks  [[Drawn from Dreams]] helps you "draw" around the troublesome planeswalker.[[Finale of Devastation]] is basically pay 2 green mana, play a creature from your deck, and while this card is good in other decks it is a powerhouse in this deck. [[Finale of Devastation]] essentially gives you another four copies of [[Paradise Druid]] adding some much needed consistency to a deck that heavily revolves around 1 creature. 
[[Leyline of Sanctity]] Gives you hexproof, helping to protect from mono red, Esper, and any cards like [[Settle the Wreckage]]. [[Season of Growth]] provides a turbo mode to help burn through your deck at rapid fire speeds, combine it with [[Starfield Mystic]] and your deck will thin out really quick.
[[Sentinel's Mark]] is the most important aura for this deck as it is the primary enabler for attacking with [[Paradise Druid]], the lifelink also helps a lot in certain match-ups. If you find that you want vigilance more often then feel free to sub in some of the planeswalkers from the sideboard, I felt that just the 4 copies were sufficient for the deck.All of the other enchantments are pretty straightforward, just like the deck. This is a deck that requires a general knowledge of the metagame (I.E. if you feel like you are playing Esper then you have to be wary of [[Kaya's Wrath]]), but if you can pilot the deck proficiently then it will take games off of most of the top decks. 
As always,
Good luck gamers!


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Last Updated: 15 Aug 2019
Created: 14 Jul 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (19 distinct)

Creature (8)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (32)
Land (20)

Sideboard - 15 cards (8 distinct)


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