Arena Standard - Kefkai

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Blakeizen's Jeskai 

and we're calling it Kefkai

Hello Spellslingers! Blakeizen with the weekly Saturday morning build for you. Last week I posted my Rakombie 2.0 list, so we're going with something non-aggro this time. 

I've been messing around a lot with U/R, U/W, and U/R/W. Two cards jumped out at me as things that I personally wanted to play and win with. The first is [[Ral, Storm Conduit]], and the second was [[Narset, Parter of Veils]]. Narset's power level is absolutely bonkers, and I've had 2 [[Emergency powers]] sitting in my collection that I've wanted to break, and while this is far from breaking the card, the interaction here is crushing nonetheless. 

We're running 2 of Narset and 1 Emergency. I was playing with two, but to make the deck more effective on ladder I've made some small tweaks. We don't want to see more than 1 Emergency Powers, though we do want to cast it if we have Narset down and mana open. Just to clarify, you'll draw 7, and they'll draw 1. In a drawn out game vs control or midrange, this is an instant win with Narset down. The addendum on the card is near irrelevant to us, most of the time just functioning as a [[Growth Spiral]]. If we wanted to run more Planeswalkers, a case could be made for main phase Emergency Powers. in the meantime, all of our Scry and Jump-Start let us filter for/out the stuff we don't need. 

[[Ral, Storm Conduit]] is a slow-burn kind of "win condition." This dude feels amazing to have down in a control match. He provides a bit of control for your draw step through his +2, his -2 is powerful in a variety of ways, doubling down on card advantage , spot removal, or even our board clear [[Deafening Clarion]] to hit everything for 6. Two lightning strikes is better than one by the way, and we do this ALL the time when they play 2 planeswalkers at once. Hitting his -2 on a [[Lightning Strike]] represents 8 damage to other planeswalkers. Make sure to practice your math. I know he has easy infinites, which may fit here, but that's been done before hasn't it? 

[[God-Eternal Kefnet]] is our namesake, and the main win-condition in the deck. If you've ever played U/R Phoenix and untapped with a [[Goblin Electromancer]] on board, this gives you the same feels, except in control. I'm bouncing back and forth between running 2 and 3 of this guy. I haven't played enough control matchups, (I've been hitting a ton of aggro on ladder) to really make the call. Two seems to be fine considering our amount of Scry and draw. I've got an extra copy in the sideboard, just in case.

Kefnet lets you do some degenerate stuff on your opponent's turn, drawing more cards than you should, or digging for more removal or counterspells. It is very strong to [[Opt]] in response to your opponent, find a spell, and then copy it for free, for 2 cheaper. In this deck, Kefnet's effect seems more relevant on your opponent's turn. Don't forget that he has big synergy with Ral. These two 4-drops are nasty to have on board next to each other.


Add me on Discord! Blakeizen#8657. I would love to get some games in!


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Last Updated: 16 May 2019
Created: 11 May 2019
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