Historic Brawl - 5C Quick Dailies Combo 2022

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1 1 0 97
Commander 1 cards (1 distinct)
Main 99 cards (53 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (1)
Creature (1)
Land (97)

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Do you ever have those day's, when you just need to get your Daily Quests done super quick? I know I do! Not only is there a new release rest about every other month these days, but life all to often happens.

This deck is built for exactly those situations, and thus is probably different than any other deck you have seen. It is simply designed to hit any combination of Color based Daily Challenges as quickly as possible, and doesn't care about winning. So use it in the Play Queue, not ranked! On top of all that, this deck (while rather expensice in real life) id virtually FREE on MtG Arena, costing only a couple of wildcards.

{{The First Sliver}}

The First Sliver is the only major wildcard outlay for many players, but as a Mythic I know this puts this deck out of reach for some New Players. Unfortunatly, this card is required as the commander, as it's cascade ability is what makes it all work. Perhaps one day additional Cascade cards will be released onto Arena, and the Mythic Wildcard won't be required.

{{Tibalt's Trickery}}

Tibalt's Trickery is the other bit of juice for this deck. I was able to get my copies for free when it was banned, but for many of you a Rare Wildcard isn't much to ask to build a deck to save you time, and gather additional gold every year.

{{Fusion Elemental}}

This slot in the deck allows for a lot more option. Fusion Elemental is used a s a place holder because it can be gotten for an Uncommon Wildcard, and is all five colors. Any other non-land perminant can be used, but the choices of color will alter the effectiveness of the deck. Any multi-color non-land perminant you already own could easily be used, that one random copy of [[The Kami War]] from the 2022 Budget Season comes to mind. A  casting cost of 5 or more is needed to keep the combo from miss firing.

The remaining 97 cards in this Historic Brawl deck are all lands, and represent a variatable master class in constructing a multicolor manabase on the cheap. I try and update the list from time to time to reflect cards from the currect Standard envirnment, but I apologise if it hasn't been updated in a while. Any remaining lands, will represent a good wildcard investment for the Eternal formats, and work in many decks for years to come.

 Now let's talk about the Combo process, for those who haven't seen this before.

1. Muligan if any of your 3 non-lands are in your hand. Play out your 5 lands, in any combination which gives you (WUBRG). Don't worry about lands coming into play tapped, until your fifth. We aren't doing anything but being a punching bag until then, but for the sake of efficiancy, try to have your fifth land entered untapped. Going off on turn 6 isn't teh end of the world, but a lot of opponents, that one turn may make the difference.

2. Cast your [[The First Sliver]] from the command zone, and it's cascade ability will trigger.

3. Cascade can only find [[Tibalt's Trickery]], which you will use to counter your own First Sliver. Yes, I'm sure...you'll get this joke once you try it.

4. Similiar to the cascade trigger, Tibalt's Trickery can only find the one remaining card in your deck, which you will cast. Once it resolves, just skoop. Your mission is complete.

Playing this combo just once will count for having cast WWUUBBRRRGG spells. Win or LOSE, you will combplete your color based Daily Challenges in just a few games!



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Last Updated: 19 Oct 2022
Created: 09 Oct 2022
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