Wilds of Eldraine Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers

ChrisCee October 20, 2023 5 min
Wilds of Eldraine Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers

Wilds of Eldraine is MTG's 97th expansion, and will be the second set to explore the eponymous plane as its main setting. Its global release date is on September 8, 2023.

(article will be updated as more info are revealed)

      Expansion Symbol

Expansion Set Code: WOE
Commander Set Code: WOC
Enchanting Tales Set Code: WOT
Set Size: 379 total
Release Date(s): September 5, 2023 (MTG Arena), September 8, 2023 (Tabletop)
Card Legality: All formats (special subset Enchanting Tales excluded)
Development Codename: Netball



It was the aftermath of the Phyrexian Invasion on the plane of Eldraine. Though its denizens live on, their world is left devastated and shattered. Both Queen Linden and King Algenus lost their lives protecting the plane valiantly. Will Kenrith inherits his father's sword, and sets out to fix whatever is left of his homeworld, while her twin sister Rowan Kenrith chooses a more adverse path to the plane's complete restoration. Meanwhile, other forces are at work, seeking to take advantage of the plane's current weakened and slumbering state...




These 2-for-1 investment cards, as expected, make their return to the second Eldraine-focused set. The implementation itself is mostly the same, though expect wackier effects and more colors on both the left and right sides of the card for all types and all rarities.


These delicious tokens will once again be a major theme for this set. Their implementation and use would see even more effect synergies, and rare as they may be, other Food-type permanents should also become available.


Even if removing the fact that sagas are now 'deciduous' mechanics, they still fit the theme well enough that they are bound to become an important part of this set. Expect more re-imagined fairy tale scenes with these enchantment types.

Role Tokens

Wilds of Eldraine introduces seven brand new predefined tokens, which are enchantment auras that come from various card effects. Each role provides the following stats to the echanted creature, and only one can be attached at a time (the latest aura replaces the last):

  • Cursed - base power and toughness becomes 1/1
  • Monster - gives +1/+1 and trample
  • Royal - gives +1/+1 and Ward {1}
  • Sorcerer - gives +1/+1 and "Whenever this creature attacks, scry 1." 
  • Wicked - gives +1/+1 and "When this Aura is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, each opponent loses 1 life."
  • Young Hero - enchanted creature has "Hwnever this creature attacks, if its toughness is 3 or less, put a +1/+1 counter on it."
  • Virtuous - gives +1/+1 for each enchantment you control (Commander only)

The mechanic is easy enough to understand if you imagine it swapping between a single creature. The tricky part of role tokens is that only one type can be on the field per controller. This is because the official rules implies that even if the aura was attached to a different creature, all previous roles (from other creatures) are removed. This also means that two role auras can co-exist in a single creature so long as each role is controlled by a different player.


Another rather colorful take on kicker-like mechanics, cards with Bargain provide you the option to sacrifice an artifact, enchantment, or token, in order to access additional effects (rather than making it mandatory). Quite simple on its own, but creates this somewhat flavorful combination when Role tokens are also taken into account, especially for cards like Spiteful Hexmageimage.


This ability simply checks if at least two or more nonland permanents entered your battlefied in a single turn. After that, so long as the creature with Celebration attacks, an extra effect is triggered. Remember that this mechanic only needs to confirm appearance of the two permanents. They don't need to enter at the same time, and it doesn't matter what happens to them immediately afterward.


MTGA Assistant

Planeswalker Limitation Update

Starting with Wilds of Eldraine, MTG sets will only have one planeswalker card per set moving forward. This can change with the central theme of the set, of course. But for typical Standard sets, this will be the norm starting next month. For the current upcoming set, the featured planeswalker will be Ashiok, Wicked Manipulatorimage.


Enchanting Tales

Much like other Bonus Sheets for other sets, Enchanting Tales will feature a curated set of 63 enchantment reprints that features a special card frame for the exclusive set. They can be used in Limited format events, but for Constructed, they will only be legal in wherever format the original card is currently legal in (none of them are legal in Standard). Artwork features visual themes that is similar to what you might see on classic picture story books. There will also be an alternate set of anime cards for this same exclusive subset.


Important Dates

First Look
July 28

Wilds of Eldraine Story
August 8 to 14

Debut and Previews (Spoiler Season)
Starting August 15 (Debut Video and Aftershow)
(Preview Schedule, including Commander Previews)

Card Image Gallery Complete
August 25

Loading Ready Run (LRR) Pre-release
August 26

Streamer Event (MTG Arena)
August 31

Prerelease Events
September 1 to 7

Digital Release (MTG Arena)
September 5

Command Zone's Game Knights Wilds of Eldraine Commander Gameplay
September 6

Global Official Launch
September 8

Alchemy Wilds of Eldraine Release
October 10



Wilds of Eldraine will be sold in Draft Boosters, Collector Boosters, special Wilds of Eldraine Bundles, and Commander Decks. Jumpstart Boosters will not be available for this set, and will instead be replaced by a new Starter Kit product.

Set Booster Box

Set Booster

Draft Booster Box

Draft Booster

Collector Booster Box



Collector Booster

Commander Deck Fae Dominion

Commander Deck Virtue and Valor



Starter Kit


Initial Spoilers

(New + Reprints, officially revealed only)



Debut Stream Spoilers

(from WOE and WOC, officially revealed only)


Debut Aftershow Spoilers

(Includes promo cards, officially revealed only) 


Other Scheduled Previews and Spoilers

Where to Find Wilds of Eldraine Previews

You can also check out our ever-updating Spoiler list.


Enchanting Tales Sneak Peek

(with Wilds of Eldraine Anime cards)


Spoiler Leaks

Wilds of Eldraine Spoilers Leaked - Insane Cards

Second Set

Third Set


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