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We now have a spoiler section on the website

Spoilers Updates 
By: andreliverod - 11 Jun 2019

Starting with Magic 2020, we now have our own spoiler section on the website. Spoilers will also be shown on the front page feed, displaying the daily spoilers with links to the spoiler page.

Powered by Scryfall, we now have the ability to serve you fresh spoilers on a daily basis during the spoiler season. Our page groups the cards together by day and has an easy to read spoiler list, you can find it under the Database selection: Spoilers.

Spoiler season is one of the most entertaining times in Magic: The Gathering. speculations on power rating, prices, playability, new lore, exciting art. There is something for every type of Magic Player. As a website, we have been wanting to do this for a long time but manually doing spoilers is something out of our reach. With Scryfall doing spoilers and sharing their massive card database, we do have an opportunity to fetch these in a timely manner and share it with our users. We are very thankful for this opportunity. 

Spoilercards in the Deckbuilder?
Of course, this is something we would love to do, but it comes with many challenges that have to be solved. worst case scenario we would have to delete imported cards because of errors in spoilers, causing decks brewed to become corrupt. It is a complex task and we are looking into if it is possible to solve without a lot of manual labor. For now, we will have to wait until all spoilers are complete and we can import all of the cards in a set to the database. But this is something we might be getting in the near future. 

Oh, one more thing, card prices. While the imported cards will have prices attached to them if available, there are not price graphs available until the card is imported in the completed set and we have all the data. Until then we will be relying on data from Scryfall. We hope that you find this helpful and enjoy our first spoiler season with Magic 2020, if we get more cards like Chandra here we might see a Super Super Friends deck.

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