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We have 100 MTG Arena Boosters to give away Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast

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By: andreliverod - 20 Feb 2019

Wizards have given me the honor of being a Sponsored Content Creator this week and with this handed me 100 boosters to give away. Now I could force you to watch my Friday Tourney over at twitch.tv/andreliverod. But instead, I want everyone to have a chance to win a booster and at the same time maybe get a couple of new users on our site. Feel free to share this link however you please. I also endorse content creators to share this giveaway link with their viewers.

We hope to do more stuff like this in the future and are very thankful for WotC giving us the opportunity to do give something to the community. To participate all you need is to log in with an Aetherhub Account and click Participate on this Page

Good Luck!

Image from Reddit

About andreliverod:

André Liverød Founder and CEO of AetherHub.com, he likes to play with fire and also has a Twitter account he posts his stuff on. If you are interested in supporting him on Patreon you will also receive an AetherHub.com premium subscription!

"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"


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LOL jank tub
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