Upcoming MTGA Events January 2021

andreliverod January 22, 2021 1 min

Events Ordered by Date

January 1-8 Premier Draft Guilds of Ravnica
January 7-8 FNM at Home: Standard
January 2-8 Historic Brawl
January 8-15 Premier Draft Ravnica Allegiance
January 9-11 Omniscience Draft – Core Set 2021
January 15-28 Tinkerer's Cube
January 15-29 Quick Draft Core Set 2021
January 29 Kaldheim Release Weekend


January 7-8: FNM AT HOME

Bring a 60-card Standard deck!

Banned cards:

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image image image image


January 15 – Artisan

Bring a 60-card Standard deck using only commons, uncommons, and basic lands.

Banned cards:

image image


January 22 – Omniscience

Wizards provide a deck for you to play . . . but it has no lands in it. Instead, every card can be cast for free! You only get a three-card opening hand.

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