The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 8 - How a MC can be an International Spectacle

AetherHub Podcast 
By: Gapollard1 - 07 Nov 2019

How Can a Mythic Championship Become the International Spectacle They Were Always Meant to Be?

After Mythic Championship V I was left in a state of dismay and despair. Yes, the top 8 was shockingly diverse and the matches were pretty good. Yes, a fan favorite deck went on an incredibly improbable run to win the tournament. Yes the broadcast team did a great job casting the matches. However… they went totally backwards in terms of the flamboyant, bombastic sheer and raw entertainment factors.

It is inexcusable to me that Wizards got rid of the pyrotechnics for competitor walkouts. If you want to build hype, if you want to build excitement, if you want to create stars and drama, you need to commit a significant portion of your budget to these superfluous factors. Making a Mythic Championship is an incredible accomplishment, and if you are performing on the grandest stage you should be able to strut your stuff. I’m talking custom walkout music, fog machines, fireworks, stare downs, the whole nine yards.

That’s why this week on the Mythic Rare Podcast we decided to abandon the traditional Mythic Championship preview episode format of anayzing decklists, and instead take a deep dive into how Wizards can turn Mythic Championships into the international sensations they were always meant to be.

A few suggestions we had include:

1) Better hype videos

2) Much more pyrotechnics

3) Custom walkout music, culminating in WWE style entrances before your match

4) A "stare down" (really just a handshake) in the center of the ring before your match

5) Flashier outfits from the competitors

6) A $1 million first place prize (trust me Hasbro could afford it) leading to some competitors become legitimately wealthy from playing Magic

7) Dramatic storylines

8) Budding rivalries between players

8) Some source of exrtreme controversy

9) A better Standard format (obviously)

And much much more!


We Will Be Going to Mythic Championship VI in Richmond

Yes that is correct we will be making a grand arrival at Mythic Championship Richmond for Saturday and Sunday and we look forward to seeing all members of Team Aether there! We have some awesome playmats to give out, and we plan on talking to a ton of players and professionals. It should be a great weekend, and hopefully we see some unique decks people have been holding close to the chest which will make the actual tournament more interesting. Cant wait to talk with some members of Team Aether, and we will have lots of content on Monday coming up as a recap of the trip!


You can follow the Mythic Rare Podcast on twitter here for more up to date posts during the weekend! @MythicRarePod

And also, if you dont want to see a 60% Oko meta, Aetherhub has banned Oko from our community tournament this weekend! 




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Yes, let's turn it into trash tv. Let's make it even more 12-year-oldish, clearly it's not retarded enough already.
That all sounds pretty terrible tbh. Idk it might work in the states but if you want to go international I have a lot of doubts that kind of boy-theatre will do MTG any good. It actually gives me the cringe.
i mean even wsop even has characters
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